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.50 SLAP

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i really dont understand why they (US military) dont use the .50 cal SLAP round for those really long range shots. But if they do then im an idiot
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i think its because the M903 SLAP cant be used in the M82, only the M2 machine gun
if they could make a saboted round for the M 82, it would be killer
all i know is its about 360 gr @ like 3950 fps
do you know any specs on it?
how does that do against hard targets at longer ranges?
thats what the .50 is used for today anyway right?
i know that it can penetrate 3/4" HHA steel at 1500. WOW :!:
yeah read that on FAS.ORG a while ago... 1500m is a long distance
how thick is the armor on an APC, say a Soviet built BMP
to put it this way, a SLAP round would penetrate a BMP up to 1500 yrds
probably would take anything short of a main battle tank.. just a guess anyway
i hear that the Austrians are making a caliber thats even more bada$$. its a 15.2mm. thats .6" !
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its got a MVof 4750fps. and will go through 40mm of RHA at 1000m
No, the .50 SLAP does not work on IFV's like the Bradley, Warrior except possibly the rear armour, don't know if they have tested against the rear armour. I know the Strf90(CV90) has been tested against various .50 SLAP and API rounds, especially against the rear armour, and the rounds have failed to penetrate. I'm also skeptic about it penetrating the BMP-3. Remember, the original BMP design is from the 50's and 60's, just like the M113, while the BMP-3 is far newer.
the bradley uses aluminum for armor, not sure how thick, but i would have thought the SLAP coulda penetrated it... i dont know what the BMP-3 has for armor, my guess is it would be comperable to the bradley
if its not good for armor, its overkill for infantry, what good is it?
You forgot one thing: Thickness of armour.

And, how about shooting through the armour of a HUMVEE at 1500m? Or through the armoured glass of a helicopter? Or trash the engine of a truck? Or destruction of a machine gun nest? Shooting through a portable power generator? Trashing the engine of a helicopter? Radar trucks? Missiles? Cannons? Large fuel tanks?

I'd hardly say useless....
Hell ya and imagine taking out hiprofile targets at 2500+yrds
thought i read somewhere that the SLAP rounds cant be used in the Barrett M82, only the M2 Machine gun, is that true or not? if so what sniper rifle (if you call it that) would use that?
Well, one major problem could be the muzzle brakes on many rifles chambered for 12.7x99. The M2 does not have a muzzle brake. The barrels could also be a problem.
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