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556 NATO

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Hi, I was hoping one of you would maybe have used British surplus 556mm rounds in the past?

I know the basic history of the 556 round, and how FN improved on it by giving it it a heavier bullet, requiring a tighter rifling twist etc, but I think the British round is slightly different; do any of you know if that is so?

I heard it was different because the SA-80 was designed using Royal Ordance ammunition. When the rifle was issued, and tested with FN type ammunition, the powder cycled the action too fast; resulting in there being residue pressure on the case walls still while the extractor was at work, causing stoppages similar to the early M16's in Vietnam.
This resulted in the SA-80 being withdrawn from the NATO rifle list, and the adoption on mass of the slightly different Royal Ordance ammunition, which has slightly slower burning powder.

This is the story I have heard anyway, do any of you know if British ammunition performes differently to FN type ammunition?
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Jeez, not one of you with a .223 rifle have tried or heard about British surplus ammunition?
sorry i havnt
if you want good ammo for low prices ... 0WSWHJ8LN4
American Eagle 55 gr FMJ-BT is good stuff
they stopped selling Federal XM193 55gr MC-BT (same thing more or less)
they used to sell this stuff for $3.35/pack when i bought a bunch... keep raising thier prices sells this stuff for $109 for a box of 500 also sells Federal XM193 for that same price... for a case price they beat at the moment and also free shipping... always shipped to me in 3 days too
Sorry Yimmy i can't help you out here. As a general rule of thumb I try to stay away from anything with "surplus" in it. But I have never heard of this type of ammuntion and havent tried any out, sry.
surplus is ok just be careful whos surplus
generally NATO surplus is decent but id be suspicious of non-nato surplus... often corrosive cheap ammo with little or no accuracy potential
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