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6.5/284 or .300 Win Mag?

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Well, i'm putting together a rifle. It'll be a Mclelland (I've given up trying to get his name correct) barrel (Any suggestions on a good contour? Outside of the same one used for most rifles, I don't know the ups or downs of other contours), on an H&S Percision Stock (Pro Tactical) with a Remington 700 BDL action, probably a used one from a gunshow. But, problem is, I am uncertain which caliber to choose. Obviously the 6.5/284 is the winner in this field, but, i'd like the experience of the recoil on the .300 Win Mag, in addition to the fact that it'll be seeing some military use, unlike the 6.5/284. Both rounds will burn through the barrel at about the same rate, so in the end, it's just which one to choose. I see people saying that the 142 grain is the best 6.5/284 round, but i'm not too sure as to what round would be optimal for the .300 Win Mag. Any suggestions/tips/pokes at my inexperience?
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Well the 6.5/284 is a great long-range round, and actually will outperform the .300. It also kicks a bit less, or so I'm told. One potential problem, though, is that factory loaded ammo can be a bit hard to come by, whereas with the .300 you can get the Federal Gold Medal Match rounds. This will not be a problem if you reload. Personally, I'd go with the .300, but then again I don't reload.

i would go with the .300 WM for the same reason (i dont reload)

you can probably load a higher bullet weight than Federal Gold Medal Match 190 gr which has a bc of .533, 200, 220 grain should out preform the 6.5*284 in its 142 gr load (im guessing it would, no actual tests)
maybe even teh 240 gr SMK? not sure what velocities you will get but it should be a sweet round for extreme distances... way way way down range
Hrm. Reloading is kind of an issue, due to the fact that I am going to be on a tight budget, but then again, .300 WM can be reloaded as well.
My ballistic's calculators (QuickLoad and Chrony Ballistics) show that the 142 Sierra fired from the 6.5x284 at 2,950 fps solidly outperforms the 300 WM (at least the Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo), shooting 22 inches flatter at 1,000 yards (300 yard Zero) - with only 72 pounds of retained energy less than the 190 from the 300 WM when fired at 2,900 fps (Federal GMM Match velocity). Under the same conditions, the Berger 140 VLD is 34 inches flatter than the 300 WM and retained only 23 pounds less energy than the 300 WM.

If Memory serves, Mel's tests shows the same thing.

Given the ability to use a 308-sized action in the 6.5x284, and the fact that it generates SIGNIFICANTLY less recoil than the 300WM, it may provide a better platform IF you are willing to reload to obtain match ammunition. The only true downside to the 6.5x284 right now is the total absence of factory match ammo (or any factory loaded ammo for that matter). You can buy Federal Match Ammo for the 300WM.
Well it seems as though im outnumbered, but i would say that since you want to reload go with the 6.5/284. The BC's on 6.5 bullets are really hard to beat, granted you dont have quite the weight you get with the .30. I have been shooting a 6.5x55 for years, and i wouldnt trade it. My next rifle is either going to be a 6.5x284 or a 6.5-06. (still debating) Theres my 2 cents
Sit down for this one. When I shoot up my 6.5x284 barrels, I may well replace it with a 1:8.5 twist .260 with a match chamber and throat for F-class use. I'm seeing guys generate some amazing velocities (as in 2,850-2,950 fps) using 28" barrels and moderate loads. These velocities duplicate the moderate-level performance that I rely upon in my 6.5x284 to get 1,000 performance, but do so with less than 1/3 the barrel / throat errosion. As in 1,500 - 1,800 ropunds for the 6.5x284 barrel; 2,500 - 3,500 for .260 (meaing you could get an entire second season from the same barrel before you set it back - save me some serious $$).

The only bad part of this plan is the time and $$ I've already sunk into neck-turning 6.5x284 Lapua brass and reloading dies. Plus, you need the long barrel to get these velocities with the 139 Lapua or the 142 Sierra (gotta go with the 139 Lapua, 140 Berger, or 142 Sierra to get the high BC); 20" or even 24" is NOT going to get it done.
go 6.5-284

as a gunsmithing major in college and a huge fan of the 6.5 i say you go with it. after all it dose really dose out perform the 300 and dont kick near as much.

Well, guess I better chime in.

As has been said, the .300 WM has the factory loadings and heavier bullets, the 6.5 has better performance and less recoil. Its hard, and I'm a fan of both, but the 6.5's are my caliber of choice, just an amazing bullet. With the intro of the SC2, I am working to try and get HSM to load up 6.5x284 or a hot long range .260 (I'm not sure which will be my flagship caliber yet....)

Jeffvn, thanks for your report, that is some great information. Has anyone tried with the Lapua 123gr, I think it may be a great fit for shorter barrels in .260. The BC is .547 but you can get extra velocity with the lighter weight, which I think helps at the 1000yrd line. I'm thinking 22" barrel in .260 tailored around the 123gr for the SC2 which is conceptually thought of as a light weight 1000 meter tactical rifle. Your thoughts and experience would be appreciated

Thanks for all the posts. If anything, i'd go with 6.5/284 right now. Problem is, when I started this all, my landlord doubled back on his "Yes" to firearms, so it looks like i'm out in the cold until I can find either a new dig (Considering I signed a year long lease for this place, not likely), or somewhere to store it (According to the gentlemen at the local gun store, nope, doesn't exsist). Looks like it might have to be Airsoft for me.
CM2K PM sent.

Mel - I'm looking hard at the 123 Lapua (BC nearly .547), and you can push them hard (from what I hear on some of the long-range forums) as in over 3,000 fps from a 26 inch barrel with low to moderate pressures and faster powders - both of which mean longer throat life and reduced errosion. At 3,000 fps, this little guy supposedly is still moving at 1,600 fps at 1,000 yards and retains over 600 pounds of energy.

I'm a bit skeptical, but the live fire range at 600 and 1,000 yards does not lie when it comes to seeing the drop and wind influence (our 1,000 yard range is nearly done!!!)

I'm running a bunch of tests on my Quickload and other load-related software to test the enhanced LTR concept (22 or 24" barrel) for 1,000 yard use.
Yes, exactly! You have seen what I have. I was planning on 2900fps from the .260 which should be pretty low pressure and pleasant to shoot. 2900 with the lapua 123 gives slightly better performance at 1000 then the federal match .300 WM 190gr.

what about 264 winchester magnums?
roughly the same performance as the 6.5x284 in case capacity and muzzle velocities (except it uses the belted case - which can be a pain for multiple reloadings). Notoriously short barrel life when loaded near capacity; about teh same as the 6.5x284 when loaded to the same levels. One advantage of the 264 Win. Mag. is that there is facotry loaded ammo - for hunting anyway.
my dad used to ahve one adn then sold it to my uncle, i shot it a few times and liked it..i was only like 10 so i didnt shoot it much, if its comparable to a 6.5 why wouldnt nebody use it considering its more standardized?
.264 Win Mag is a long action if memory serves me correctly. That and the belted case and the label of barrel burner have all hurt the .264. Some say the .270 was the real killer....

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