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6.5x284 Reloading data

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Since I'm awating delivery of my 6.5x284 rifle, I paid particular attention to our earlier discussion regarding muzzel velocities, barrel life, and reloading data for the 6.5x55, .260 Remington, and 6.5x284. My problem is this. I've looked at several (certainly not all) of the "standard" published reloading books, including Hornady 6th Edition, Lyman 48th Edition, Speer #13 and every powder web site that has a load for the 6.5x284 (and older version of these and other reloading manuals), and with only one exception (Lapua), not found a single load that produces veloicities over 2,700 fps for a 140-142 grain bullet.

I know Black Hills is loading factory match 142 Sierra 6.5x284 rounds that advertise 2,950 fps. And, I have found numerous "recipes" on various varmint sites and other hunting sites that approach 3,000 fps. Is this just the standard reloading material publishers being weenies on pressure (or barrel life), or whose reloading manual do I need to review?
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About that, check this, they have one entry which is near what you want:

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To add my $0.02, look at the European reloading info (like Lapua), they have further explored the capabilities of this cartridge then the USA manufacturers..

I'm only a marginally suprised that the European reloading data shows considerably higher velocities. The US reloading data "Max Loads" are about 100-150 fps slower than those set out by Lapua or Norma. Since I'm using Lapua brass, it makes sense to consider their data in the first wave of load development.

As I mentioned in a PM, the US loading data could be because of liability issues coupled with shorter experience with the 6.5x55 and it's descendants.
Looks like you start 6.5-284 about the same time as me. So how has it treated you thus far?
You've probably already checked this article out, but these guys do great cartridge "write ups", I wish they had one for every caliber.
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