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WHERE: Caswell County North Carolina 6 – 7 Feb 09

To sign up please send a e-mail to [email protected]

START TIME: we will all meet at a restaurant in Hillsborough NC for Breakfast and a quick rundown of the next two days activity's 7:30am est on Friday morning 6 Feb 09.

COSTS: $250 per student, to register contact John Boyette at the above email, payment will be ½ deposit and 2nd ½ at the class. Payment in full to I.M.T LLC. Must be made before the start of course.

CLASS SIZE: A minimum of four students are required and a maximum of twelve will be allowed to participate.

INTRODUCTION Mil-Dot Reticle Usage Class will teach the shooter the skills to employ a MILRAD based reticle at all distances. The course will consist of 16 hours of instruction, and approx. 8 hours of practical application "non" shooting and 8 hours of live fire training for Mil holds, and advanced target engagement using your MILRAD based rifle scope.. This class is not a shooting class!!!! Very little marksmanship training will be given!!!! This is a student-paced course; there will not be any time to waste but we will assure all students fully understand the subject being taught. Come prepared to work, learn and shoot!!

The course curriculum will include:

Field Classroom Environment:

• Classroom Safety brief
• The math behind MILRAD formulas
• Shooter/ Observer dialog
• Use of Data book
• Formulas to accurately range a object to with in 5% of its distance
• Proper use of the Mil-Dot Master if you have one

Practical exercise:

• A no shoot training range with targets from 25yds to 600yds
• Practical application of passive Mil reticle ranging at all ranges
• Application of the Mil-Dot Master
• Use of passive manual / electronic means to gain targets distance
• Advanced MILRAD usage

Live fire:

• Range Safety brief
• MILRAD Holds Elevation and windage 100yds to 500yds
• Mechanical offset from 5yds to 90yds
• Shooter/ Observer dialog
• Spotter corrections in Mil for 2nd round hits
• Data book Usage


This is the required gear that you must bring to participate in this class, you can add to it, but can not take away from this list, any questions please contact the instructor.

Rifle and Equipment

• Bolt Action or Semi Automatic Rifle with Scope, 300WM or under caliber. Rifle must be capable of shooting 1.5â€
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