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ive herd a little bit of talk about a new 6.8mm that is designed to replace the 5.56mm and has more killing power than the 7.62*39mm and 5.56*45mm
i think it pushes a 115 gr round 2800 fps?
any info at all you can give me on this caliber?
i think that 6.8mm upper receivers are being used on M-16s in Afghanstan and Iraq
herd talk about it replacing the 5.56mm but the XM8 is in 5.56mm and going to replace the M-16

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They were also considering the 6.5 Grendel, but I think the 6.8 was the winner in that competition.
Hi two Jeffs....just got the latest copy of New Zealand guns & hunting magazine with an article on the Remington 6.8 mm SPC being trialed by US military. Said to be "The brainchild of a special forces soldier, Sergeant Major Steve Holland whoes goal was to improve the performance of the short barreled M4 carbine.....especially under conditions of cold weather and at high altitudes."
1, At 100yds the 6.8mm has 78% more energy than 5.56mm M193
2, Trajectory is almost identical to 7.62 NATO out to 600yds
3, retained velocity is superior to the 5.56mm and identical to the 7.62 at 600yds
4, Projectile energy issuperior to the 5.56mm at all ranges & equels 7.62 at 600yds
5, Wind deflection is less than both out to 600yds
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