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8 x 57 Mauser not used anymore?

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Well don't ask me under which rock I have been hiding the last 2 decades but I am surprised to find that nobody uses the good old 8mm Mauser round anymore?

I see the trend is now for smaller calibres with higher velocity.

Can anybody bring me up to date please?

Regards, Blind
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Its kinda sad how 8mm mauser never caught on here in North America as much as it should have. Where I live, lots of people hunt with/own surplus rifles, mostly Lee Enfields. 8 milly mauser is loaded by the big boys to about the same standards as .303 Brit, because they know its mostly being used in older weapons, but the cartridge is capable of a lot more...just about anything a 30-06 can do anyway. For someone who wants to build a sporter out of a surplus gun they can find in excellent shape for hardly two hundred dollars, its a great place to start. Mauser actions in good shape are pretty tough.
I think its just that a lot of new rounds were designed to give a little better performance than specific old rounds.

For the most part, lots of useful classics are alive and well, at least here in NA. I don't know much about Europe other than 8 mm, 6.5X55, and 7.62X54R. Here though, 30-06, .30-30 win, and things like that still thrive, and lots of newer rounds used them as a starting point.

Some new rounds are more powerful than older ones because they were developed by wildcatters too, and then factories pick them up and chamber guns in them. Stuff like .243 win, 22/250, and the like.
Maybe remington is worse than the others, but federal and winchester load a pretty lazy 8 mm too.

Old guns are definately a factor, I guess, but I've heard people speculate that they just didn't want a euro-bullet cleaning the clocks of our favorites too.
True that.

Federal vital shok lists a 168 grain trophy bonded bear claw at 3,000 fps for 3, 300 ft lbs...thats pretty nasty, and theres lots of other high energy loads too. Thats in the lower end of 300 win mag territory.
Actually I was planning to use those loads in an old beat up 1903 with a crack in the receiver...

Just kiddin...yeah those are strictly modern strong hunting rifle loads. Its pretty cool though, that the old 06 can still give that kinda performance!

Hmm...not sure about those loads you mentioned either. I have some listings here or a 150 grain ballistic tip from Federal at 2,900 fps and 2800 ft lbs of energy. A little different.
Those high energy loads give 3,800 ft lbs I think :twisted:

Whoa, didn't see what you said about full case capacity! thats wild!

Ever see what a Lazzeroni 7.82 Warbird can do?
Yep Max, we're talkin about the same warbird! Its got its own short magnum now too, the Patriot. Not quite as strong but I hear the recoil is a little easier on the shooter. Savage makes a rifle chambered for it too, so thats a cool deal. Don't have to pay custom prices, especially if you reload.
In my Kar 98 recoil with American ammo is pretty much like a 308 I guess, as was said...well, just enough of a little thump to let you know you fired a rifle.

With Euro surplus ammo its right up there with a 30-06, as long as its not 30-06 in a super lightweight rifle...Kinda like a Nagant m44 carbine I guess.
Well honestly dude, for me at least, the only way I can tell what has more velocity or case capacity than anything esle is really common sense or experience. Like you said, you know that with lighter and smaller calibers, there will probably be higher velocities to a certain extent. What you might want to look at to help see capacities is a reloading manual or any reloading page here on the net. It shows how much powder is required for different rounds. That might help. Not much else will show you case diameter.

With the amount I've read, seen, and shot, I have a feel for different rounds and what they can do, what will be stronger than what, etc...but that takes time.
Hey, no prob. There's tons of info about it on the net, for just about whatever round you want to see. Actually, it has me curious too now lol.
While that is true about the bore sizes, they do load more than one Euro bullet to anemic levels...check out what they do with 6.5 Swede...pretty weak. I think theres something more to it.
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