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A group with my VS

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It seems whenever I suggest a Remington 700 VS to someone looking to get into rifle shooting, I'm never taken seriously. The 700P overshadows any VS talk, even though it's somewhat cheaper and uses the same barreled action as the P. Maybe matte black is just in right now...

Here's a 5 shot group shot with my VS (in .308 Win.) today, using handloads at a distance of 100 yards. I'm particularly happy with these because the gun has a 3-9x scope, making it difficult to even distinguish bullet holes on the wrong background.

The view. That's my swapmeet Redfield 20x spotting scope next to the gun.

Same accuracy, very similar gun. If you're on a budget, consider it.
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im a Remington 700P owner, very happy with mine also in .308, whenever i reccomend the 700P i reccomend that and the 700 VS as they are practically the same gun
they have differences, get the one you like the best or the one you can find for the best price


Very nice, we need to have a texas get together soon and spend a day or two at the range.
I used a Texas State Quarter because Arizona's isn't out yet...

It'd be a little road trip to get together in TX, hehe...
Nice group Dan, remember, the tool is only as good as the operator. Looks like you've got the "operator" part taken care of.

I dont have a rifle yet (ohh soo soon) bu ti would show up just to check out ya'lls guns!! maybe learn a thing or two as well!!
Very nice group! Thanks for the post. And yes, the VS is a very good alternative. Like you said, same barreled action, just a slightly different stock.

just wanted to raise this from the dead so new people looking into 700s have some info to play around w/
Ahh, they grow up so fast...j/k. It looks better with the 6.5-20x40mm Vari X III these days. The last time I shot it was on leave about a month ago.

It was strange to browse the gallery and see this picture up here, thanks APK. I'm a firm believer in Remington's VS series guns. You get a good gun for the money and the aftermarket supports them like none other.

I saw Cobb's post, kinda a twilight zone of myself.

FYI- I finished ET Nuclear Field "A" School, and am now in Nuclear Power School as an Electronics Technician 3rd Class.

Hooyah E4! Ahem, Go Navy!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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