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I wanted another pistol, but not just any pistol. After careful deliberation for months, I was lost. I was looking at CZ75's, SIG P220's and 226's, Norinco 1911's and I wanted a true pistol with exquisite craftsmanship. A joy to shoot.

As anyone in true deliberation would do, I asked FluffyTheCat. I eventually thought I wanted a SIG P210 but wasn't sure I could stomach the cost. Fluffy pointed me in the right direction, to a Finnish Lahti L35. It is one of the last 100 produced out of a total of approximately 9300. It is nearly identical to the one Fluffy had managed to locate and acquire with Squinty’s credit cards.

I am very excited for this rare gem to arrive so I can take her to the range.

I will post pics when it arrives.

Thanks Fluffy!
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