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A True Operators Rifle

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Sniper Log : October 6th 2004 Accuracy Test Fire - Remington 700 long action lapped and trued, 26inch Schnieder 5P Barrel in .300 RUM., McMillan A4 stock, Timmeny 1 ounce jewel trigger, 240gr SMK HPBT, IMR 4064 loaded 3 grains under max, CCI Mag primers, D&L Precision Match Grade 300 RUM brass, scoped off with a US Optics 10-42X80mm with a 4 inch sun shade. The scope was $4,378 and change :shock: . The sun shade was $45. The rifle was ..... please sit down.... $3,400 and change. :roll: . My girlfriend is probably going to kill me with it now :lol: . I bought myself a new digital camera for christmas but cant open it till tomorow morning... so ill get a pic of the rifle and its ginormous scope up here tomorow once i figure this thing out. All in all it was 7,800 dollors in the end. It came with a set of .300 RUM dies and 2 boxs of match grade ammo. I used some hunting ammo i bought to break it in. With the handloaded Match grade ammo its gettin .3358 MOA groups at 700 yards (2.3502 inchs) 5 shot groups at the Angeles Shooting Range in Southern California. Ill have to get some pics and post them since im new im sure you all want to see what im packing :lol:
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yep you bet
we all want to see a picture of this rifle!!!
sounds like quite a shooter
like the .300 RUM too

really sounds like one hell of a rifle!!!
Sounds like a heck of a gun! Lets see it!!!
Yea... got back from 29 months of over sea's deployment and thought i might spend some of that $71,000 i had made and had no way to spend. Payed off my car... got a bike... and a few nice weapons. 8) Here is a link to some pics of us shootin some .50's and things of that sort. . And here is a link to some small video clips of us shooting some .50's
Awesome stuff, some well deserved cool toys you bought there...great pics
pics!??its 2 days after christmas
What kind of bike did you get? SD county with its gorgeous weather, and not-too-distant canyons, is awesome for a bike.

Scatch Maroo
Can't wait to see pics

Get them posted!
Curious though, why did you go the route you did? Are you going to BR with it?
Sorry guys still trying to figure out this camera :roll: ... and no... im not going bench rest with it. It is a field rifle. In afghanistan we have been shooting alot further than the .308 will let us. So i figured i would get a 300 RUM or a .338 LAPUA... i was looking at the .408 CheyTac but the ammo is so hard to get i passed on the .408. Only problem with the 300 RUM is having enough match grade ammo for it while over sea's. If any of you know where to get match grade 300 RUM ammo please let me know. Price is no limit because i wont be buying the ammo. I will post pics as soon as i can get this camera working.
Oh yes... and the bike i got is an offroad bike. If i get some extra stuff on it i can make it street legal though. Its a honda XR 600 2003 it was at Chapparrel motorsports up in san bernandino and it was a 2 year old model that was brand new. I got it for half the price it sold for 2 years ago :D
How long 'til yer shipped back out? Trying to arrange a GTG at a So-Cal range since it seems so many SCers are from... SC! Har har har. Well, more so than from any other region in the U.S.

Scatch Maroo
Leaving Jan 23rd... but we might have to leave a little early. Its never a 100% thing when we are leaving... i might get a phone call at 0215 tomorow saying to get to area 13 for weapons / gear check because we are shipping out in 10 hours. Its hard to tell. But the "official" time we are leaving is Jan 23rd. We might fly to Camp Lejeune NC before we head over to germany for fuel then over to the mid east. But i really dont know exactly the route or exactly when.
It's interesting you picked the 300RUM for "field" work in Afghanistan, especially when match ammo is hard (impossible?) to come by. I thought you might go with .300WM which is already in the system as A191. You would then have ample supplies of match grade ammo with a proven rifle that would reach out much farther than the .308. A191 (.300wm) is what we use(d) in the Navy.
Now granted, a 300wm is not the .338 lapua, but it's the next best thing.
Also a quick question.
Aren't you concerned that huge 80mm objective is going to act like a big signaling mirror giving away your position? I know you'll have a sunshade and such but there are still limitations. You'd be surprised how far away you can see an objective that size.
Also, you guys are lucky you get to pick your own gear. I have a couple of buddies of mine who are 8541's and they would have paid to have something besides their issued M40A3's.
Good Luck, Be safe, and we can't wait to see those pics!
we allready have sixteen .300 win mags in the company. they are basically M-40A3's built on a long action in 300 win mag. The ammunition we get for those rifles isnt exactly match grade... if you know where to get factory match ammunition for .300 Win Mag or .300 RUM please let me know.
Objective lens... #1....We have screen like covers that reduce mirror flash. #2... i wont be using that scope over sea's. I'll be using the US Optics MST-100 if / and / or when i do use that rifle at all. And about our gear... we get most of ours from SEAL Team 1, 3, and 5 which are based at Coronado California, about 20 minutes south of Camp Pendleton. They have "old" weaponry that we gladly take off there hands and rebarrel.
Mk 3 Mod 0 is the USN issue .300wm rifle. It shoots A191 which is "match" ammo and the .300 equivalent of M118LR which I'm sure you know what that is.
Also, FGGM and Black Hills are two outstanding match grade ammo options that you can get anywhere pretty readily.
Ask one of the team guys who (SK) they order through and you can get that information for your unit.
I know of the Seal 300 rifle but that is pretty hard to get one unless your unit request's on... and we have M-40A3's in 300 Win Mag but the problem is getting the damn ammo for it. The ammo for it is nearly non existent unless your on a Seal / UDT / MVBT team. Ill have to ask a few of the guys at NWS Coronado about getting the ammo. Im sure they get all they want. I was not aware of the name of the military match 300 win mag ammo so thank you for the information on that.
pictures please???i wanna see what that 80mm objective looks like
Here are some pics... notice it is on an EDM M-96 Windrunner which is a large rifle in its self... and the scope looks over sized.
And here is another one
Here is a sidways view of the honeycomb sunshade
And a look through the honeycomb sunshade
The honeycomb sunshade helps eliminate reflections off the objective lens. The honeycomb lens on the right is a 56mm the one on the left is the 80mm.
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