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"Hey guys I am passing this along for any of you guys that would want to help." JLU

In March 2004, a group of US police snipers decided to form a support network to address the needs of US military snipers deployed abroad in the war on terror.

The mission profile of police and military snipers have been found to overlap in the war on terror and the gear and supplies needed to accomplish the missions are very similar.

However, due to the enormity of the US commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, often times these servicemen go without things they need. Being aware of this and using contacts developed throughout the US police and military communities, the police snipers were able to network with military snipers deployed abroad, obtain their overseas addresses and began sending desperately needed gear and supplies that are specifically tailored to the sniper mission, currently at the forefront of the war on terror.

The entire program is funded by civic donations. Every penny donated will go to a United States military sniper deployed abroad.

Police snipers or anyone wishing to assist the program are encouraged to send donations to (see adopt a sniper program).

Snipersonline is a non-profit organization made up of operational only snipers and an email or hard copy receipt will be issued for all donations.

For further information, please contact Detective Brian K. Sain of the Port Arthur, Texas Police Department at one of the following:

409-983-8643 work

409-726-4037 pager

[email protected]
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sounds good. It will be interesting to see how many non-snipers or family members of snipers contribute.

This is a great program and concept, I would encourage anyone who can, to contribute at least a little.

Former US Army Sniper.

If anyone is interested here is a link to a silent auction for 2 GREAT looking weapons. This is to fund the program.

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