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Advantage of .308 over 30-06 or vise versa?

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I know that the .308 is a very popular sniping round for both military and law enforcement, and i can understand why, BUT it seems to me that the 30-06 springfield seems to be overlooked for a military sniper round and I just dont understand why. Does the 30-06 offer better ballistics than the .308? or vise versa?

Chris P.
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I think Mel said it. The 30'06 has better ballistics, but only slightly, and the 308 is more efficient. It achieves basically the same performance with 150-165gr. projectiles, and uses less powder to do so, which means less cost, recoil, and noise. But yeah, the 30'06 definitely beats the .308 ballistically.
Jeffvn said:
You can certainly shoot paper with a .308 at 1,000 yards. Shooting anything other than paper with the .308 at 600 yards plus will likely only injure them.
My sister dropped a very nice bull caribou at almost 500yds. w/a .223, one shot.
The .308 has more stopping power hands down. The USMC, as far as I know, lists the effective range of their M40a3 as 1000yds., the army M24 as 800yds.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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