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Here we go, made us a purely airsoft thread.

What are the "hit" rules of airsoft? I know it must differ with every team, game, and player, but lets say someone is hit in the arm or shin, is he out of the game?
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In all of the MilSims I partake in, if you get hit, the Corpsman or Medic gets to haul ass and play "Duck the rifleman" before his head gets taken off by some twat with a M-60E3. Because for some reason, I never see riflemen hit medics, it's always the guys with the 500FPS LMGs who take them down. Hard.

Torso hits are counted as kills. Head hits, they count as kills. The thing about getting hit with one of these is you know you're hit. It's like getting a light punch to the torso, a sharp blow to the head (Unless you're wearing anything but hair between you and the round.)

Limb hits... generally we assume you're incapacitated, unless the rules are "Sudden Death" in which case damn near anything hitting you counts as a leathal shot. Normally we just have the medic pull some Hollywood stunt and then hold onto your equipment harness for a minute before you're allowed to fire your rifle again.
Ah, k, that makes sense then. I was just wondering how you classify kills. Sounds like fun.
I took a look online at some airsoft guns, but they vary so much: who are producers of quality airsoft guns, what kind of PSI should one look for, and what kind of weight is usually attributed to a quality rifle/pistol?

If it looks like an H&K, will it stand strong like an H&K? :)

Scatch Maroo
Depends on manufacturer. The agreed "Jesus H. Christ, Virgin Mary, and God" of AEG (Air-Electic Gun; those are the full-size, realistic, selective-fire replicas of real firearms, using an electric motor to compress air via piston and firing the 6mm BBs) manufacture is Tokyo Marui (Abbrev: TM) They've got good gear.

I have yet to see an HK break on me, either in real-life or with an airsoft. However, there is an MC-51 that I'd stay away from, that has a shoddy stock on it.
unless you have experience, go with springers first... (i got no real guns but 3 airsofts) for springers, i reccomend TM and KWC.. with AEGs i would have to reccomend either TM or Classic Army (metal recievers) airsoft can get pretty diseptive since they can look almost like real guns..
And that is why you handle them like real guns, and you do not take them where anybody with a real gun could mistake them for being a real firearm - considering there are no "Harmless" looking airsofts (These are all 1:1 replicas of real-steel military-issue firearms, that's the point of them) the police can show up really quickly, and having a Glock-17 or G22 jammed in your face is no fun, take my word on it.

The story behind that:
I was walking to the minivan that would take myself and three buddies up to the acridge where seven others were waiting. I had an AK-47 (Now, this was modified, the stock looked quite authentic) slung over my shoulder and a KSC CZ-75 in my harness for backup. Fifteen seconds from stepping out the door of the house, a few cops shouted at me and then tried to take the AK-47 from me (This is on a tactical sling), and then I was nearly shot by helping them take the Goddamn thing off.

And that's the story of how I invested in a Kalashnikov dropcase.
airsofting can get pretty tactical too, for example the SRs can get pretty realistic (minus the leo and S&B or Hensholdt that would be on them), airsoft guns can get pretty customizable since there are so many parts to upgrade with.
AK: srry to hear about that, thats one thing that should never be done though, either transport it in its box or in a case.

There was a similar situation over here a few years back where a man was seen walking down the road with what looked like a pistol, (infact it was a cigarette lighter replica).

SO19 were called, and shot him dead.

ROE's are very strickt under British law, so I can only imagine that the guy was confused and pointed the 'weapon' at one of the officers.

There was another similar case where a man was shot dead with a table leg under a blanket, in which case someone had called the police telling them they thought he had a sawn off with him.
AK: srry to hear about that, thats one thing that should never be done though, either transport it in its box or in a case.
Which I did not have at the time. I now have two AK-type dropcases, and a fabric (Rather than Leather) sling waiting for the hopefully soon-released ICS AK-74M.

I'm not saying Airsoft can't get tactical. That's when Airsoft is at it's best in my honest opinion. I think the most fun I've had in my life was an Endurance MilSim event which lasted for 3 days. My unit was a "GRU Recce Spetsnaz" outfit, we were all properly equipped and the like, someone brought an SVD, another an RPK-74, the rest, we had modified AKs.

We kicked some major "American" ass. 'Blew up' their supply depot and the like, lots of fun. We attacked with two hours left in the game, everybody - except two perimiter guards one of whom I 'killed' with a rubber KA-BAR (The other was the SVD-target) - was sitting in their hootch with their rifles stripped down. It was a turkey shoot. We sat through a day of rain, a day of way-the-hell too hot, and attacked at dawn on the "So this is Fog" day.

Games just get better in the US, where there are more areas to play, and more players.
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You plan to join the NG are anything in the future AK?
Are there any "JTF-2" Units? An M16A2 would be passable as a C7
Re: re

Yimmy said:
You plan to join the NG are anything in the future AK?
Could you please explain what an ROE is (from your previous post re: that chap being shot) and an NG is?

Are the majority of Airsoft leagues in the U.S. "MilSims", or are they a bit looser in terms of structure and style?

Scatch Maroo

By NG I meant the National Gaurd, or is AK Canadian?
Was just curious if he wanted to do it for real...

ROE = Rules of Engagement.
With the British police and army on peace time operations, such as Northern Ireland, the ROE card is basically just UK self defence laws; you can only use the minimum force necessary, and can only use leathel force such as shooting someone with your rifle if they are in the act of endangering human life, ie pointing a weapon at you.
I am Canadian.

Are there any "JTF-2" Units? An M16A2 would be passable as a C7
Yes and No. Airsofts are... replicas, down to trademarks and markings on recievers. You could bitch out a -16A2 to do Automatic, and I'm sure a JTF-2 operator thing wouldn't be hard to make a mockup of either. I'd actually start with an M-16A3, since those are easier to modify, and I wouldn't have to saw off the carrying handle to attach an ELCAN or a proper Canadian-style ironsight.

If any of you are more familiar with paintball, the same general scenarios can be carried out in Airsoft, but as far as I know, MilSim is exclusive to Airsoft.

ROEs apply outside of Norther Ireland, obviously. Generally the ROE is defined for a particular mission, and for combat operations are loose, but peacekeepers have to put up with a lot of sh*t (Like 82mm mortar rounds slamming around their OP) before they can return fire, if at all.

In the US, I imagine most Airsoft units would structure themselves according to MilSim, but the beauty of that is the ability to quickly break things down to do DeathMatches, Team Deathmatches, and the like. For the record, a DM or TDM is really a "free for all." The successful team in that case, is he who thinks.
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"Generally the ROE is defined for a particular mission"

That is not really the case over here.
I'm talking Military Operations, outside of Northern Ireland, or outside the realm of Peacekeeping operations in general.

I imagine they're pretty well set in concrete now, Yimmy.
Well heck then, it shouldn't be too bad to kit out a unit to be something like PPCLI paras, or the like. Just spray paint a couple M4s in CADPAT.

Then go down to the local salvation army depot, grab some Bee Gees t shirts and knock-off Adidas track pants, tennis shoes, and find a chinese AK chest bandoleer somewhere and voila! Taliban or Insurgent uniform for the op-for :twisted:
Muzzleblast said:
Huh? :)

Muzzleblast said:
Who? ;)

Scatch Maroo
PPCLI - Penis Pumping C*ck Licking Inferiors.

I belonged to a Highland Regiment, so I wore a skirt [IT'S A KILT, DAMN IT!] but at least you couldn't break down our acroynm into something vulgar.

PPCLI - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. There are three battalions.

CADPAT - Canadian Army Disruptive Pattern. It's very popular, basically digitized Danish M/88. Then MARPAT, then the Finns have a M-03 uniform in it, and suchforth. Of course, you already knew that Scatch.
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