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American Gunsmithing Institute

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Has anyone ever had exposure to the AGI gunsmithing correspondence courses? If so, what do you think? Id like to start learning more gunsmithing than I know (which, sadly, is basic).
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I do not offer first hand knowledge, but I was doing some research into them myself a long while ago, and the feedback I saw on gunsmithing boards was generally NOT favorable.

Perhaps someone on these boards has first hand knowledge

Who/what do ya'll recommend?
I am now working with a gunsmith(same one helped me build my 700), who has 45yrs experience. He has welcomed me to come over anytime I want. He is 74, and just wants to pass on his knowledge to someone he can trust and who is willing to work with it. He sees gunsmithing as a dieing art, and wants to help keep it alive. I guess it is kind of like an informal apprenticeship. I help him work on stuff, and he teaches me, allows me to use his shop, and fixes my mistakes. Maybe you could find a guy like this in you area.

My next project with him is a Custom 223 heavy stainless fluted barrel on a mauser 98 action will let you see it when I am done.
Believe it or not my high school had gunsmithing as a junior and senior trade...My french was lacking though.
If I can encourage anybody to do any form of engineering, Gunsmithing is it. Why? Because out of 20 university-level Engineering graduates in Canada, none of them are gunsmiths. Out of fifty, none of them are gunsmiths. Out of 100 graduates, only one is a gunsmith, if that year is lucky "in the ballot."

I hope the situation is different in the States.
I hear you AK, when I was off to obtain higher learning in Ottawa, I found all forms of mechanics and engineering in my college...but no guns...actually I only took a passing look throughout the city but nary a gunsmiting course to be found.

Ottawa has lots of firearms retailing stores though.
AFAIK, you don't need to be a gunsmith to sell 'em.
AFAIK in towns where they sell lots of cars there are lots of mechanics
AK said:
AFAIK, you don't need to be a gunsmith to sell 'em.
It's not about selling them, I am just looking to add on to what I know.
Its cool, 12twist he was responding to my post

Didn't mean to canuck-jack your thread
Hey its no big deal.....Im just trying to learn, and there seems to be a lack of old farts (and I use that term very dearly) around here to show me the ropes....I actually need soemthing I can work arounf my busy work schedule.
Did you check the yellow pages? Maybe you can call a smith and see if you could hang out in the shop? Mlammers knows a really cool old guy, maybe there's one in your area...Heck, in high school our smith was so old I think he worked on Lee Enfields during the Somme. They're the best, those guys
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