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Ammo buy for those interested

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Okay guys I have a ammo buy for you and this is the best price I can do. So get it while you can, and this is just a very small part of what mel and I have in mind, but I figure tat this will tide your appetites till we get this fully up and running. Fed GM223m 69gr 12.65 a box
126.50 case

Fed GM308m 168gr 14.99 a box
149.90 case

Fed GM3006M 168gr 14.99 a box
149.90 case

If you want any reply first and then call me at either 812-288-5740 or my cell 502-876-1803 if you call at 3:00 a.m. I will charge you double! just jokin :D I will get your info, enter at work and then call and get a credit card. When you call ask for James in retail
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How much does shipping run per box? I assume if we order a couple boxes they will be of the same lot number?
where do you live, how much do you want, and I will check in the morning! also what are you looking for
Crap, I just bought a new toy this long is your special going on? As previously mentioned, same lot number is preffered.
Until I run out of ammo and this is the special thing tht I am doing for you guys and yes it SHOULD have the same lot number
I'm not trying to be a jerk, but how does the $14.99 per box price for the federal 168s offered here differ from the $14.99 per box price being offered on the web site?

14.99 is the best that kevin and I can do on the 308 and the rest, I toldd him what I was going to price it at and he decided to change his pricing. Thing is not to many people will see it on the kiesler website from s.c. and the 30-06 was 22.95. I put it 14.90 that is a deal
I agree the 30-06 price is a nice one, I was asking only about the Fed. 168s.

My comment was not a flame - look in your records - I've purchased several thousand rounds of Fed. GMM 168s from you guys in the past. I was just hoping the price we could get through this site was going to be lower than the regular price offered on the Keisler's site.

I forgot to ask what the discount price would be if I ordered at least 1,000 rounds? I'm (in combination with Topo and possibly SpEcTeR) considering a purchase of 2,000 or 3,000 if the price is right. :D

The 168 is the lowest they will let us go, it is wholesale price. Thing is if ypu buy it through me, because of S.C. it makes make little project for you guys look good, and they will be more acceptable to lower pricing for you guys, since you are buying things. I have some black hills 7.62x54 match for sale 17.99
I think the BH is 24.95 on the other website, it's 174 gr BTHP
one of these days someone will make me some match grade ammo for my 300 magnum ultramag long action
until then ill just hold my head down and cry :cry:

150 grain bullets with 100 grains of powder sounds fine to me
i dactully like to have some sabots kinda like the one you can get with
30-06 accelarator :D

Stump, are you planning on shooting down satellites?
Muzzleblast said:
are you planning on shooting down satellites?
Always be prepared! (just in case, ya know) LOL
I know how you feel about the ultramag ammo, I have the 7mmrum! Getting ammo sucks! ButI love the rifle and the cartridge
Youve got it a bit easier though, cause theres some great 7mm projectiles out there that you could handload and really make something serious.
you are right about that I ave everything to reload, but I haven't started yet. Ultramags are great, but a little expensive to shoot if you don't reload. The ballistics are awesome though
i will shoot down satelites if they attack me
ohh crap i hear one now death from above :roll: load the guns!!! :D

no i really want to see how much the bullet would drop at 500 with the sabots and was wondering if the sabots could handle the ultramag load
or not or if anybody has ever tried them :wink:
sniperdog-alpha1 said:
I know how you feel about the ultramag ammo, I have the 7mmrum! Getting ammo sucks! ButI love the rifle and the cartridge
hey you wanna have a best of 4 shot match with me
100 yds(cause the 200 yd range isnt ready yet like thats a big improvement) from a bench my range wont let me shoot prone
(gotta be behind the wall)god were in the dark ages down here
Stump I will do even better than that, if you come here I have 1200yrds to shoot on my farm in corydon. There is no bench so bring your bipod. Yeah we can have a shoot off! I have a rem 700 stainless, with a leup 8.5-25x50 varix III. let me know. What are you shooting?
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