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Looking for some Ammo?

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Beth Anney
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I recently found a new resource online to buy ammo. Here is the link: Ammo Deals | Ammunition for Sale from top retailers.
Does anyone have any experience with this ·

[IMG alt="Captahab"][/IMG]
For those living under lib communist/social anti gun rule in states such as NY that banned all mail ordering of ammo, even to an ffl, here's some big news.
Due to covid, and the forced closure of many guns stores, you can not only buy out of state, but can have it shipped to your door!! Yippiee. I almost felt i lived in a free country this week.
Trust me when i say the anti gun cockroaches in this state are not happy, were forced to do it, are not exactly advertising it, and made any info on it almost impossible to find.
I found out word of mouth, decided to try after finding no info, and all was fine. Who knew it was legal (for now, and is temp) was the sellers. Read their shipping info carefully.
In any event, go online to the larger places, get on their notification list, and do that at several places. Forget about price shopping. There are no deals now! Most sells out (again) in 24 hrs or less. When its in, buy it.
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