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And now for something COMPLETELY different;

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I need a new pair of boots for work.

Yes, completely different. I'd prefer to ask here, rather than a store complete with sales clerk, as I plan to buy something that can at least hold together for longer than 1 year, and can be used for running as well, and not too many shoe stores pack this kind of stuff. And hell, we have all sorts of Soldiers/Hunters who spend all day walking through the hills, so why not.

Basically, I am looking for work boots/combats, steel toed (I sometimes find 400 or so pounds on my foot due to poor working conditions), that will last long. OPTIONALLY (As in; If possible, in addition to the durable, Steel toed, boots), it'd be nice if they could at least make running/jogging easier, if I ever find myself doing so, along with extending up a decent length of the ankle (Winter season and all).

Can you guys help me out here?
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The Steel toe-cap is really going to limit your choice there.
Yimmy is correct, the steel toe will make it more limited. I use insulated Danners, same ones I used when I was in. This pair is about 8 years old and STILL in great shape. I love them, but they are not steel toed.

If you need decent ankle support, stay away from jungle boots. Get a solid boot all the way up. I've had so many boots I can't keep track of them all, i personally always used jungle's because I will wear anything that feels more like a shoe.

Bates made a boot that had a steal toe and a running insole that was navy issue for the seals. I forget the issue number but I will look it up in a couple days when I get home and post back. Extremely comfortable and durable however they are nylon uppers.
Mele, Yimmy;

Yes it does. But I don't want to balance 400 pounds on my foot without them, or drop 100 pounds on them. Tough luck, really.


I don't need Ankle support, I need something to keep my socks dry in the winter, without having to toss on a pair of winter boots in between. Although I can understand what you mean. A good, broken in pair of boots you could wear for half a day with little or no discomfort in your feet.



If your looking for the ultimate in protection for a hig leg boot, you could always look into those new anti-mine blast boots from Singapore. :D
Hi CM2K,

The big names people have already mentioned are great boots, I have had Bates although I have never tried Danner...For what you have in mind I would suggest a 6 inch boot, not a full 8 inch, but better than just a work shoe. Even a set of Kodiaks would be good, those are usually tough. Black Diamond is awesome too.

If they weren't so heavy my chainsaw boots would be perfect. Steel toe and heel shank, tough rubber, and enough ballistic nylon to stop a revving saw. Waterproof too. The problem is, running in them sucks.

My favorite online shop has no workboots I think...argh. ... ff5dda3be8

They are great to do business with though.

Can't jog in those, though. Well, that, and i'd look like an idiot.


My 6 inchers don't cut it, typically. Too much snow gets in. They are a 3 year old set of Altras, leather, with a steel toe. Now, though, the leather is splitting at the sides, and along any other seams, really.

Where'd you get your Bates?


Can't jog in those, though. Well, that, and i'd look like an idiot."

Sure you can, they are just army boots.
Here are a few ideas. All the steel toes I've ever owned have been Red Wings or Wolverines, and they've been rock solid. Can't speak for their running ability though....

Happy shopping....
My favorite boots are actually made in Canada.

The company is called Kodiak Boots. They make one amazing boot that is actually issued to Canadian mailmen. This boot features a very special rubber tread that is very similar to that of a snow tire. It is almost impossible to slip on ice when wearing this boot.

The boots I wear are not steel toed, but they do come in a steel toe version.

Look at the link below:

My boots are model no: 4557, but the steel toe ones are model no: 312040. To see these boots, click on the little box that says "service"

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Yessir, Mad. Kodiaks are tough. Not sure I've ever seen the mailman kind, but the plain jane tan workboots will last a while.

CM2K, I got my bates used from a friend in our local police. They weren't steel toed though. This place in Ontario has some awesome boots.

Hard to look like a bigger idiot than someone with chainsaw boots. They come in two fashionable colours. Red, and Orange. Much like something Ronald McDonald would wear.

Ah. I thought you were talking about a set of waist highs.


The WO2136 looks good, i'll have to check it out.


Ah yes, Kodiak. They've got one hell of a reputation. But, it looks like the make boots for the "I need my boots to survive" people only, though.


As far as I can see, there is like no way I can get Bates in Canada. And, as stupid luck would have it, one of those Oleylands are local. I'll have to see if they can get a pair of Bates here. WHEN they open.
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Hey, cool!

Hope you find something you like. The boots I had were from a LE catalogue I guess...

Ever see the boots Cat makes? If they're as solid as their

You might take a look at Rocky brand. I wear a pair of Ridge Top Hikers with steel toe. They are lighter than most and come up to the ankle. They are waterproof and good on the soles of the feet. They do not offer the best in slip resistance on steel floors however.
Well, so far, my choices are one of these;

Wolverine WO 2136 ... ocknumber=

Bates EO 2328 ... =undefined

Kodiak 312006 ... 46&catID=5

Upon looking at the Caterpillar boots, they are pretty well all just Steel Toes. I've bruised my toes once running without a good running insole. Don't care to do it again. It's also rather odd that the only real decent choices appear to be Tactical boots. Oh well, at least my feet'll be happy.

I'm not seeing any Ridge Top Hikers.
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Bates boots...

I found myself with an opportunity to use the internet today, thanks to my roommate. I feel I have to reply to this post because of the nature of it.

I've been wearing Bates boots for a few months now on a daily basis. They're "Uniform of the Day" not only for myself, but the rest of the enlisted U.S. Navy who need a boot that won't slip, is steel-toed, and very durable. I had never worn boots, let alone work boots before I joined up. It was always street shoes, like Vans, DVS, etc. That didn't last more than an hour after a bus dropped me off in Great Lakes, IL. It was a bittersweet moment, "Uniform Issue". The Bates boots were uncomfortable and heavy at first. By about week 3 of my training, the boots were as comfortable as street shoes, and I would have to conciously be thinking of them to really notice what I was wearing. The boots stood up well to everything we ever did with them on, and even though there was an exchange period at the end of boot camp to replace boots with wear and tear, not a single person in my division, nor our brother division turned in a pair of boots.

The Bates boots that carried me through training are still carrying me to and fro around the base here, and I suspect will carry me for some time.

Oh, by the way, they don't shine up too bad either, but that's the least of your worries. I should get back to shining my dress shoes for liberty weekend. Here I come downtown Charleston....
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