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Well Kaz I feel for you as I went through the same thing and I have two boys. It wasn't easy as I tried counseling from our pastor and it didn't seem to help. My ex-wife had anxiety and was depressed. We'll you can see what way I went, but it was decided let her go and maybe she'll see how good she had it. Needless to say the only thing she has done, since then was get help with the medical stuff. Which is a big start. My advice would be if you go to Church? Try a priest or pastor and go to church regularly as it teaches family and commitment. Some peoples job's pay for a certain amount of counseling. You both have to forget about the past and start new which is very hard. Get out and have fun and do what got you her in the first place. Rekindle the magic is what you need to do.
If it doesn't work and you end up going the way I went. Then we'll talk about that, but your not ready for that yet.
Let me Know and hopefully I helped some,
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