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In 1938/39, World War 2 was about to begin. Most armies issued bolt action rifles and aircraft featured piston engines. But that same year, the RWS firm in Germany came up with an amazing rifle round.

This new round was a beltless magnum. It featured similar case capacity to that of today's 30 cal magnum rounds. And RWS' round developed almost as much power as a .338 Winchester Magnum.

The mystery round I'm talking about is the 8x68mm. It will propel a 200 grain bullet at 3000 fps. The thing that amazes me is that so few people in North America have ever heard of this cartridge.

It shows what happens when you are 50 or 60 years ahead of your time.....


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Wow, hard to believe thats so obscure. Sounds a lot like you said, a 338 mag or 8 mm remington mag. A round that can do a lot!

Winchester slipped one under my radar. Found out about 325 WSM today. I thought they would churn out 338 short mags but they suprised me.

Funny to know they are making a big deal out of it when there was a round that could do the same things for 60 years and no one even knew about it.
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