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Any ideas as to a good quality, economical reloading press?

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A friend and I are just stepping into the reloading world. Currently we use my Dad's RCBS from the 70's, but I want to get one of my own. If you've had good experience with any brand, let me know. Thanks
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Good Question

What size ammo do you want to make?

I can see reloading hand gun rounds and large rifle rounds (338, 50 bmg) but for 308, 300, depends on how much you shoot but you might just want to buy match ammo. It might be a better and cheaper option.

If you are only going to load one type of round look for a press fit just for that round. Less things to adjust and have come out of adjustment.

You've got a point. But it's become a kind of hobby with me. It's like tying flies. Besides, I know that with the right equipment and more experience, I can make loads that are more consistent than any factory. Oh yeah, our loads include .308, 30'06, 30-30, 45-70, .338, .45, .223, and 25'06. The .223 and 25'06 are the only real target type rifles. The other stuff is for hunting or just shooting around.
Loading presses

You cannot go wrong in buying a basic RCBS or Redding Press.

I have a copy of the Cabela's catalogue in front of me. On page 14, there is the Redding "Boss" Press available for $89.99. It is a fine press and you would get many years of service from it.

On page 2 of the same catalogue, there is the RCBS Supreme Press for $104.99. It is also a high quality press.

Now a lot of shooters feel that they have to get a progressive press. I disagree. Lots of great rounds are loaded on simple presses such as these. And it is best to learn the art and craft of loading ammo with a simple press like those mentioned above.

You can reach Cabela's at

And no, I do not work for them. Lol!!

You might also try the Midway Catalogue.
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I agree that RCBS equipment is great and cost effective (Ijust bought a Rockchucker with all the toys). I found the cheapest supplier by far to MidSouth Shooters Supply (they will match anyone's regular price if you find it cheaper somewhere else).

My dad recently bought a rcbs rock chucker supreme kit at the outdoor wherehouse in anchorage. Its a little different than the older style ones. The kit was like 289.99 for everything you need to start, minus dies.
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