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is APK MIA???

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Hey guys, it has been quite some time since I have been able to get on. Unfortunately this was out of my contol. On thanksgiving day this year, I was involved in a very serious dirtbike accident. I was cut off by a pickup truck and slammed into the side of it at 75 mph. I was life flighted to desert regional medical center in Palm Springs CA and from there I spent over a week in trauma ICU. In all the only damage my body suffered was- a lacerated liver(bleed internally for a while), collapsed lung, nearly destroyed my left knee, broke about 3-5 ribs, broke 4 bones in my back, and broke my left thumb. I am extreamly lucky and thankful to still be here and I am making quite a recovery. I shouldnt even be walking yet, but I am healing a lot faster than expected. Hope all is well on the forums, and I hope everyone had a very happy holiday season. Just remember, when things get down it could always get worse. I realize that now and I am thankful for every extra second of life that I have been given. God bless.
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Thanks for everthing guys, i cant get on as often as id like to any more, especially w/ this new semester starting up, but i sure will try.

Drew- thats crazy, I drive out to Palm Springs all the time, I have friends out there and my girlfriend has a condo there. Nice place, unless of course ur sitting in trauma ICU.

Cody- I was on my KTM 525 EXC, the best fucking bike ever made!!! Yea i have fallen before, but its a little different from hitting the dirt when u go 75-0 instantly into the side of a pickup.

Scratch- I cant even explain in words how lucky i am, not only to be alive, but to be able to recover fully. Never gonna give up dirtbiking, its not like the accident was due to my skill, it was due to the asshole not looking in his mirror and cutting me off. Lol

Muzz- Im doing much better now, but itll take some time to get back into the physical shape i was in.

Dan- I will return the Ka-Bar shortly, i just got back from that **** hole of a country. But i need to borrow it again this summer, i have a trip planned to China. :wink:
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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