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Barrel Fluting

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Just what are the advantages and disadvantages of barrle fluting? I have read that they increase rigidity. But I have also read that it does not do anything for rigidity and can actually hurt accuracy. I have also read that it helps the barrel dissipate heat faster (which has been a problem for me during extended shooting sessions as the heat waves coming off the barrel blurs the view through my scope) and it reduces weight. I am really confused as to whether I should flute my barrel or not. I like the way a fluted barrel looks but that would be a poor reason to flute it. If anyone can give me some definite answers about fluting, aside from weight reduction and heat dissipation, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Yes, you are correct, BUT its different for every barrel. While in the service I had 2 different issued M24's. The first Shift about 1 MOA after the barrel warmed up... the 2nd did not shift at all. The only way to know is to use your log book and take very good notes.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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