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Barrel Fluting

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Just what are the advantages and disadvantages of barrle fluting? I have read that they increase rigidity. But I have also read that it does not do anything for rigidity and can actually hurt accuracy. I have also read that it helps the barrel dissipate heat faster (which has been a problem for me during extended shooting sessions as the heat waves coming off the barrel blurs the view through my scope) and it reduces weight. I am really confused as to whether I should flute my barrel or not. I like the way a fluted barrel looks but that would be a poor reason to flute it. If anyone can give me some definite answers about fluting, aside from weight reduction and heat dissipation, it would be greatly appreciated.
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I called and talked to someone at Hart barrels about fluting, rigidity, and accuracy when I was having my 6.5x284 built. This is what I was told.

If you compare two barrels of the same weight, outside diameter and length, and flute one of these two barrels. The fluted barrel will now weigh less and be less rigid than the non-fluted barrel of the same length and outside diameter.

On the other hand if you compare two barrels of the same weight and length, but one is already fluted, the fluted barrel will be more rigid than the one you are comparing it to.

Fluting stresses the metal of the barrel, but if properly relieved, is not a problem for accuracy.

The key is to compare barrels of the same weight and length. The fluted one will be more rigid. For example a 26" #6 taper barrel will be more rigid than a Fluted 26" #6 taper barrel. But will be less rigid than a 26" #7 fluted barrel (assuming they are now virtually the same weight)

There is a pretty good scientif explanation of fluting and rigidity out there but I ahve to go find it. Be back in a second . . and update this with a jumpsite to their webpage.

Couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but this one will do:
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