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Barrel length

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What barrel length do you find best for each caliber (.308, .338, etc) ? Is longer always better when it comes to barrels ?
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believe that the palma guys that shoot 1000y w/ .308s use 30" barrels or longer
my Remington 700P is a 26" barrel, thats a good length for tactical rifles... 24-26" is a good length any longer just gets in the way too much for a sniper
for urban sniper rifles Savage and Remington have 20" barrels on thier .308s definitely fine out to say 600y and definitely better for any tight spaces where you dont want to have a HUGE rifle
yea only the benchrest guys get barrels that long... it must give amazing velocities though just how much would a match grade/bull barrel like that cost for a .50?
less than ideal for hunting in thick brush, urban areas or even out in the open carrying something that big and heavy just would get in the way
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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