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barrett 82A1

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What are your thougts on the barrett 82A1 :?:
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Personally, I think it should stay in it's role as a rifle for EOD, destroying light vehicles and other material assets. It's heavy, cumbersome. And sure, you have great range. The catch is, you need that range, because the report from the .50BMG, coupled with the muzzle flash and dust cloud kicked up(Yes, even though you have a muzzle break, you still kick up a dust cloud. Or snow cloud during winter shooting)

I prefer a 50 in a bolt action form. I have seen the m82 jam up on way too many senarios. Something very painful about lugging a 30+ pound rifle long distances.

Except that quite a few of the bolt-action 12.7x99 rifles are heavier than the Barret...

About the ammo feed, yes, it's caused some problems. If I recall correctly, 5 swedish soldiers have died because of ammo exploding due to jamming during cycling, and maintenance inspection logs showed them to be in perfect condition. Not a single incident after they were all sent to armourers to get the updated parts from Barret(And it took quite a few complaints).
I messed up! :oops:
I would also like to see the Barrett in a bolt action, but before making any changes to the design you would have to ask what it's being used for. If it's anti-personnel a bolt action would be pretty good, but for anti-material
I like the semi-auto because when you're shooting a truck it's not just gonna stop on the first hit necessarily, unlike a person, where if you hit them in the arm they go down because they have no more arm.

I also think that the Barrett would be a good gun chambered in the new CheyTac .40. Just a thought but it might be worth considering.
ironman: sounds like a good idea, less recoil, increaced energy @ long range
Barret now makes a .50 in bolt action. I've read about them. I've personally only shot the barret a few times, it's not by bag-o-tea per-se. I perfer fast mobility of other rifles.

The only .50's I shoot nowdays are my friends customs, (he machines his own). They are all bolt action systems with hellacious recoil. but I'll be damned thier accuracy isn't asstounding.

How bad does it kick? :?:

archangel said:
How bad does it kick? :?:
Not bad.....feels like a 12 guage....remember its real heavy and has a huge muzzlebreak. I wouldn't want to shoot it standing up without one for sure.
I can't even imagine how you would go about firing a rifle like that from a free-standing position! I agree with the recoil assessment of a 12 ga. And I just love it when Iread the Armalite adds saying their .50 BMG BOLT_ACTION rifle kicks like a .243...yeah, where the hell did they find a .243 that kicked that much?!
recoil being like a .243 wouldnt be possible heh but i have herd that claim before
heh id suspect with the muzzle brake, you would be looking at the same recoil as a .300 Win Mag only because it is heavy and the muzzle brake must reduce recoil a bit

herd accuracy is truly nothing special at 1.5-2 moa
still be an awesome rifle
Recoil- yeah, .300 WM, 12 ga mag, etc, thats what I heard.

Concerning the accuracy, the GUNS themselves have a far higher accuracy potential. They are kept from being sub-MOA by the ammo that the marksmen using them has available. It seems there is no good match .50 BMG ammo. Shooters of these rifles in the military are forced to use the same rounds put through the [email protected] heavy machine guns, a gun in which sub-minute accuracy is hardly a concern. I did read somewhere that there is a rumour that the Marines I believe it was are considering contracting Black Hills to begin loading match-grade quality sniper ammunition for these rifles. That would definitely bring these cannons into their own accuracy-wise.
match ammo should increace its effectiveness on personell out much further
i dont reload
but if i ever had a .50 cal, you bet i would
what does match ammo cost? like $1.50/round for surplus ammo from world war one???
come to think of it.... the XM107 isnt even considered a "sharpshooting rifle" or a "Sniper rifle" In the US Army its known as a "Special Applications Scoped Rifle" SASR
yea its not really a sniper rifle
Mel said so on his review thats its not a sniper rifle and i have seen the term Special Application Scoped Rifle used for it
Barret does make a 50 cal in a bolt action it's called the model 99-1 Lightweight Tactical Rifle(Law Enforement)it's waight is 21.25Lbs way less than the M82A1(30Lbs +)but not buy much but still lighter.
there is an M95 too... probably about as heavy as the M82
is the accuracy of the bolt action barretts noticably better then the semi-auto M82?
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