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The XM109 is a pretty awesome weapon. I can't find much on it though on the internet as it is still very new. These are some of the specs I've dug up from various sites.

Caliber: 25 x ??mm*
Action: Short Recoil, Semi-Automatic
Fire Mode: Semi-auto
Overall Length: 46.00"
Barrel Length: 17.60"
Weight: 33.30 lb.
Magazine: 5 rounds
Rate of Fire: N/A
Shell: Tungsten penetrator, HE, thermobaric*
Armor Penetration: 50mm of steel at 2,000 meters*
Maximum Range: 2,500 meters
Effective Range: 2,000 meters
Muzzle Velocity: 793 meters per second
Chamber Pressure: ???**
Equippment Availabilities: Bipod, scope optics
Cost: ???**
Service Life: ???**

* = ammunition specs based on ammunition for the XM307 Object Crew Served Weapon (a 25mm weapon that'll use the same ammunition). Some of the ammo includes the XM1049 25mm shell. I don't know the second dimension of the shell nor can I find it out there.

** = I couldn't find anything on chamber pressure, cost, or service life. I imagine it'll last less than the XM107 which is 2,000 rounds now with a 5,000 round object.

Is there a chance that it'll go onto the site soon? ... XM109.html ... 9_p_1.html ... d/m307.htm ... ons/25.htm
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