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barrett's m468

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Does anyone know how much this rifle is selling for? Cost isn't posted on Barrett's web site and the article in SOF doesn't list a price.

Thanks if you can help me,

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Thank you, FLEA, the last time I was at Barrett's website, I did not see that page.
ya page i noticed changed from the last month i was there
heh that upper goes for $1494 and i bought an AR-15 lower a/ an A2 stock today for $295 (for my Bushmaster Varminter) and i believe that is an AR-15 lower the M468 uses
if i ever get the 6.8mm (which i hope i will at some point) id get the AR-15 lower and just get the conversion unit (upper) for it
Doesn't anyone think thats it's funny that Barret is making a big hit with an AR 6.8mm SPC when they are know for some of the best .50 BMGs? I would have thought someone like Rock River or Colt or somebody like that would be doing this kind of thing.
yea i think its funny that Barrett is making this while they are known for thier big .50s
just would the militarymake up thier mind?
6.8mm or the XM8 (5.56mm)
my guess is were gonna see a 6.8mm XM8 because of this upper that Barrett is making
Jeff_850 said:
my guess is were gonna see a 6.8mm XM8 because of this upper that Barrett is making
Yeah that would make way too much sense to go with that combo. That might be the problem it's to simple of an idea for the military to think through, LOL.

P.S. I just got back from a 14 day vacation to Alaska, 7 days on a cruise. It's kind of funny, just this morning I was in Canada and tonight I'm back home (in Texas).
there is a reason that the US army is not changing cal.s not bringing totaly new weapon systems and such... our economy is not too good right now, and we dont have the money or need to change calibers. 6.8 spc is a good cal choice though
my 2c
well...the economy can change for both the better or worse
just some people i notice dont even think the .223 is a good assault rifle cartridge and the 6.8mm open tip match is a bit more lethal than 5.56 nato and 7.62mm russian and definitely more lethal than M80 ball ammo 7.62*51mm
better penetration than 5.56mm or 7.62*39mm russian too

how was your vacation?
a little temp difference from Canada back to Texas?

The vacation was really fun. I got to hike on a glacier went on two helicopter rides and that kind of thing. But yeah i remember why I hated the humidity to much. LOL
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