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Bayou Rifles 1,000 yard range is NEARLY DONE!!!

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I went out for the mandatory orientation visit last night to my newly joined Bayou Rifles Gun Club. This is a private club that thas been in existence since 1936. We had the pleasure of listening to the Range Rules and walking around the various rifle and pistol ranges (the ranges all have intersceding burms, so a cease fire on one range does not interfere with any other range that might be hot at the time).

They finally built the 1,000 yard range that they had been talking about for 10 years. The "Big Range" has 600, 800, 900, and 1,000 firing lines capable of holding 15 shooters at the same time. The first match is already scheduled for November. They have target pits, and if you have a shooting partner can pull targets for each other if you want. There is no rule against shooting people shaped targets. This is going to get real interesting real quick.

As far as I know members are permitted virtually unlimited guests (within reason - meaning I can't take the same guest out every weekend and effecttively circumvent the membership requirement), so if you are in town, drop me a line and lets air out some SMKs from the big line.

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How much is the membership?
Sorry about that - $100 one-time initiation, $140 per year annual dues. (in the first year it comes out to be $20.00 more than a single membership at American Shooting. After the first year its $80.00 per year less than American Shooting).

In addition to the Jullif Facility, they have the Addicks pistol and rim fire range facility with shilouette pistol and rimfire rifle, NRA Bullseye target (25 and 50 yards); and a bunch of steel spinners.

All of the ranges at Juliff are under cover Except the Big Range. I can't think of anything else so far. Members have the combination to the various locks for the gates at all the ranges. So, there are no set times to shut down at night or start in the morning. If you want to start at first light, or shoot at dusk testing your lite reticle go for it.
Not that bad of a price for all that. You'll have to take me out there some time so I can look it over and maybe join.
I remembered one more important item, they have banned the use of certain calibers: 338 Lapua, 408 Chey tac, and anything based on the .50 cal. There are residential homes about 2.5 miles down range from the 1,000 yard firing line. It is possible that one of the big guys could escape over the monster impact berm behind the 1,000 yard pits, hit something on the toxic waste dump which is located ajoining the property about 1/4 mile behind the 1,000 yard impact area, and find its way into a moron's house who lives next to the waste dump. Yeah they knew it was there and moved in anyway. :shock:

:lol: Gotta love that prime real estate.....toxic dump next to you and a down range of a long distance rifle range. Where is my broker when I need her. :lol:
Count me in! :D Can't wait to see this facility and the 1000yard area. I would love to become a member however I would like to take a tour of this place first. Thanks for the info Jeff.
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