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Becoming USMC Scout Sniper qualified.

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Hello gentlemen,

I am facing a point in my life which is giving me a headache. I am being tugged in different directions, due to my own doubts and ignorance. For the last few years, I've struggled with the deep-rooted desire in me to become a Scout Sniper, serving in the military in a vital support role.

To truely make a difference with valuable information which could save the lives of many men thanks to your patience, your devotion, and the training which puts them into action. To make a difference in disabling key components in the forces which are in direct opposition to those whom you are serving alongside in theatres abroad.

The problem is that, over these last few years, I've had this nagging doubt which tells me "It's pointless". I long to join the Marines, and I know I have the patience, the discipline, and the mindset - basically, the potential, which could be honed by the instructors and trainers into a Scout Sniper.

That is my bane. I cannot see myself in an assault level position, running in squads of marines with assault rifles, clearing buildings, moving with support collumns and the like. That is not who I am, that is not something I would be able to do for a long period of time. I do not feel that that is the the role I should be in.

So, I tell myself - the training is hard, and it seems at times the advancement is political. So many join, and so few make it - if I were to sign up and give it my all, would I end up thrown to the wayside and stuck in a position for years which I never believed to be the right one for me?

I am confused as to how I could make this happen in my life. Of all things, I would seek this out.. but of all things, this is giving me by far, the most doubt. I sometimes almost feel sick inside, thinking about it.

Could any of you whom have experience with this role in particular, impart some wisdom on me? I know that you have to be labeled an expert marksman, and the like. However, lets say that I -am- a goodmarksman, with a level head on my shoulders, who learns quickly and is quick-thinking. What are my chances of joining the Marines, and moving my way into Scout Sniper training?

Does it involve putting in requests to be tested for training?

What are the biggest obstacles to achieving this?

What happens if you fail? Are you sent out with a unit on probation per se, for a period of time, and you are allowed to apply again after say, 6-months, or the like?

I would appreciate your thoughts, widsom, and advice. I am sorry if this was long winded.. but it's starting to get a bit late in my life (I just turned 22) to honestly make this decision.

Thanks guys!
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Hi Douglas,

I was at the point of wondering what I wanted to do with myself as well, and I had decided to take a shot at living out different things before committing to years of anything...but thats just me, and my decision...I know what it feels like though.

I'm not in the military and not a sniper, but I think a lot of snipers join up without the intention of being snipers, find out they can, and make it. It makes it even tougher for you because there are no other military jobs you would appreciate having...

Again my opinion only...If you think you can do it realistically...well...there is still no certainty of making it. What do you think would be easier for you? Serving 4 years in a position you don't like? or always wondering if you could have done it?
I saw an article in a Soldier of Fortune today about marine snipers and one guy said he was awake 20 hours a day for 10 weeks, and lost 30 pounds...could that be true, BC?

Anyway, what I wanted to say here...I think joining the military, going to war, and potetially killing others/being killed is something you should only try to do if you strongly feel a sense of duty that you MUST do it...not just that its cool or a job you would like...You'll have to sacrifice a lot of things, go through some miserable experiences, and give everything your all, in whatever job or MOS you end up going in with one specific job isn't really a good idea, especially if it is one that is so hard to get into...I've read about 3 people out of 20 making it through scout sniper school and those are highly motivated and good people just to make it there in the first place
Hey, Thanks BC.

I was thinkin maybe it had changed some or something over time and might not be the same as it used to be...Don't know as much about US military as I do Canadian.

Great to have another real deal operator here I can pester with questions :) Ever see any Canadians in the Ghan?
Off topic yet again, but the devil made me do it...

Yeah Mel, I bet its getting tiring to hear of that, and I bet you do hear it. It struck me funny to know that so many in the US know about it...Usually, Canadians don't really know what the forces are up to, and wouldn't have known much if it wasn't for working with the US in the last years. You guys did a good job of informing us waaay more than our government does :)

About the green uniforms...I heard the early tan ones were having night problems. If there was any light, the guys looked like "ghosts" I was told. Lots of units are still waiting for their tans, but the new ones corrected that problem. I saw a piece of one and it looked great. Most of the guys who don't have em yet are in support, and they will have em on the next Roto. Apparently there was a lot of places where the green fit it well enough too.

AK, its too bad more people don't know about Medak.
Capturing an airfield, Rangers!

Guards armoured division needs to be scrap metal, Infantry!

Mlammers, tell the lad I think what he is doing is great, and I appreciate the efforts of both our nations.
Heck, I would like infantry too...Scary stuff, being all alone for days. Those who do it are better men than I...

When I look to my right I wanna see a bunch of guys with a GPMG set up and when I look left I would want to see a bunch more guys with a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle set up...Would make me feel warm inside lol.
Eryx has replaced Carl G, yeah...but before you say we don't use it anymore, check out pictures of some Ontarian and Quebecer infantry in the Ghan. They still qualify with it, and carried it "over there" last I checked...sometimes things in the army change sloooow....Look how long it took to get everyone Cadpats...then tans. Someday soon there will be no more Carls but as for now they're soldiering on.

Replacing always takes some time...Seems to me the Pats get everything first, then it trickles down from there...maybe cause they're always first ones in.

Can't say a thing other than what you did about the C6...heck of a weapon...gotta love adjustable rates of fire. Hear tell the German MG3 is still a mightly force to be reckoned with as well...When things get scary, I would definately want to be in a section thats in a platoon thats part of a company....well, you get the idea

Aaaanyway, all my off topic rambling aside...How could ya not want to be infantry if you joined up?
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