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Becoming USMC Scout Sniper qualified.

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Hello gentlemen,

I am facing a point in my life which is giving me a headache. I am being tugged in different directions, due to my own doubts and ignorance. For the last few years, I've struggled with the deep-rooted desire in me to become a Scout Sniper, serving in the military in a vital support role.

To truely make a difference with valuable information which could save the lives of many men thanks to your patience, your devotion, and the training which puts them into action. To make a difference in disabling key components in the forces which are in direct opposition to those whom you are serving alongside in theatres abroad.

The problem is that, over these last few years, I've had this nagging doubt which tells me "It's pointless". I long to join the Marines, and I know I have the patience, the discipline, and the mindset - basically, the potential, which could be honed by the instructors and trainers into a Scout Sniper.

That is my bane. I cannot see myself in an assault level position, running in squads of marines with assault rifles, clearing buildings, moving with support collumns and the like. That is not who I am, that is not something I would be able to do for a long period of time. I do not feel that that is the the role I should be in.

So, I tell myself - the training is hard, and it seems at times the advancement is political. So many join, and so few make it - if I were to sign up and give it my all, would I end up thrown to the wayside and stuck in a position for years which I never believed to be the right one for me?

I am confused as to how I could make this happen in my life. Of all things, I would seek this out.. but of all things, this is giving me by far, the most doubt. I sometimes almost feel sick inside, thinking about it.

Could any of you whom have experience with this role in particular, impart some wisdom on me? I know that you have to be labeled an expert marksman, and the like. However, lets say that I -am- a goodmarksman, with a level head on my shoulders, who learns quickly and is quick-thinking. What are my chances of joining the Marines, and moving my way into Scout Sniper training?

Does it involve putting in requests to be tested for training?

What are the biggest obstacles to achieving this?

What happens if you fail? Are you sent out with a unit on probation per se, for a period of time, and you are allowed to apply again after say, 6-months, or the like?

I would appreciate your thoughts, widsom, and advice. I am sorry if this was long winded.. but it's starting to get a bit late in my life (I just turned 22) to honestly make this decision.

Thanks guys!
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Douglas said:
No, I didn't think it would be cool. Do you think I am so blind as to believe sitting in a position for a whole day, quite possibly with enemy movements nearby, while hungry, freezing/sweltering temperatures bearing down on me, and the like, is going to be "cool" if and when I were at that point? No, I would be miserable. Any sane man would be miserable.
Who ever said snipers were sane? :roll: :p If your not willing and or wanting to "sit in a position for a whole day, quite possibly with enemy movements nearby, while hungry, freezing/sweltering temperatures bearing down on you" ..... then what do you think snipers do? I noticed you said "A DAY" ..... :? ...... snipers sit in one position for much longer than one day on some occasions. Get 3 days worth of MRE's.... put on 75 pounds in a back pack.... run out into a forest and or hills where there arnt any people and stay there for 2 weeks. If you think its fun... or dont mind it much... or think you can and will do that again but in combat conditions... you should think about trying to get into sniper school. If you dont like it... hate it... dont ever want to do it again... ect ect.... you should think about a different job. Im not trying to be rude.... just .... well.... REALLY REALLY HONEST. :p
Ballistic_Coefficiency said:
Douglas said:
Get 3 days worth of MRE's.... put on 75 pounds in a back pack.... run out into a forest and or hills where there arnt any people and stay there for 2 weeks.
So do you have to ration the food and maybe eat leaves/bark/insects, or do you ever get the opportunity to trap rabbits, or maybe hunt some of the wildlife, if you can do it covertly enough? May be a dumb question, but I really don't know what it's like...

Scatch Maroo
Might be able to trap small game while stalking to and from the firing position, but I don't think that shooting down a deer would be encouraged by SOP - still have to get to the deer, clean it, then pack the meat back with you, and you can't really prepare the meat, can't smoke it, no real way of preserving it.
And if an enemy patrol or suchlike finds the carcass of the deer, then it's pretty obvious the coyotes or wolves or bears or whatnot didn't take it down with a 7.62x51 NATO, clean it, and then try to hide the leftovers.

Small-game animals are easier to deal with, but again, I don't think you'd try shooting them. Primarily because a round as large as anything that comes from an issue sniper rifle will obliterate a rabbit, and secondly, because of the noise involved. Trapping them, maybe.
Eat bark... HAHA. Ive never done that and was never told about eating bark in any survival school and dont plan on doing it. I dont suspect it would taste very good anyhow. Insects... bugs... plants... animals... certain things like that yes. At USMC Training Base Bridgeport Mountain / Cold Weather Combat school located in the mountains of california we were tought how to make snares, leg hooks, bowls out of tree stumps, knifes, utencils, things like that to survive in the wild without supply drops. The first day of field excersizes you hike from base camp (i beleive it was 9,200 feet but not exactly sure...) to the excersize grounds (i remember it was about 10,500 feet) and you are issued three half day MRE's... and one 12 to 15 pound live rabbit. That is what they give you for the time you are up there (time on excersize grounds depends on what level difficulty class you are in.. ranges from 1 to 5... 1 being for basic Marines not of combat MOS... 5 being for specialized reconassaince units / FAST teams / Fleet SAR teams / things like that.) You can take a few small game animals (rabbits squirrels things like that) but in the winter time when the school is held there arnt many animals out. There are litterally dozens of different styles of survival school. The okinawa / thia survival schools are based on (obviously) densly packed jungle survival situations... you learn how to properly clean your field shovel so you can use it as a Wok... things like that. You learn what snakes you can and cant eat.. how to properly field dress a snake and other food resources you can find in the jungle. The United States Marine Corps and the Royal Thia Marines hold whats called "Operation Cobra Gold" every year. Its a jungle rediness excersize to make sure all of our units that would be deployed to a jungle enviornment are ready to go and sustain themselves if needed. You "normally" dont have any live ammunition on these excersizes... just a few flairs to let the instuctors know if there is a serious problem (the instructors usually camp at base camp and come up every day to check on the group anyway... and you are always put into 2 person groups or "chalks" so that if one person is injured or needs assistance there is always some one with them. As far as catching / killing your own food in the schools you can do so but dont over do it... they dont want to have one guy with 20 dead squirrels. I lost 23 pounds over the span of 4 weeks and 3 days. You dont really get that much to eat but thats the point... they are showing you how much it sucks to be in that kind of situation... so that in the real world you do your best and then some to not ever be in that situation ever again. Oh yes... after you hike up from base camp to the excersize fields... (there not really fields just a bunch of mountains cut into 1/4 square mile sections called Area's) you have an "indoctrination" process... you first kill the live rabbit... then field dress it properlly... then remove the eye balls and the spinal cord. You can use the muscle around the spine as twine or weave it together to make rope. The eye balls are an excellent source of Glucose... (gives you lots of energy)... you have to eat the eye balls before you can be designated your camp site. There is also a Mountain warfare school held at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center / Cold Weather Rediness Training Center Bridgeport. Here is the link . Here is a link to the USMC SERE school . Here is a page with the whole USMC Mountain warfare school / SERE school lessons and information (including weapons and tactics in mountain warfare / cold , extreme cold combat / SERE )
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Here is a link to a small video about Operation Cobra Gold... its from the web site so its clean (no virus's) ... GoldHR.wmv . And i know this is totally off subject.... but i think there are some people who would like to see it anyway. Check it out... 1st Marine Reconassaince Battalion supported by Marine Operators of the 1st Marine Force Reconassaince Company 1st Marine Division combat jump ... wiftHR.wmv
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