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Bell and Carlson Stocks

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What is everyone's opinion on the stocks made by Bell and Carlson? Specifically, the ones made for varmit/tactical use. I have learned through Winchester customer service that their new Model 70 Stealth II rifle has a Bell and Carlson stock.

Do the stocks made by this company even come close to comparing to HS Precision or McMillan stocks of similar design?

Also, does anyone know the metal finish on the Stealth II? I'm guessing its just matte blue, but I would like to know and forgot to ask the customer service guy.

Thanks in advance.

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I've handled the Stealth II and the stock was comfortable and feels well built, but I have NOT handled one enough to make a direct comparison between HS and B&C.

The finish on the Stealth II is matte blue finish, nothing fancy, but gets the job done

Thanks a million for the clarification. :D
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