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Berreta slide ?

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A friend of mine told me that the slide on the Berreta M9 cracks after about 1000 rds or so. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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Never heard of that......earlier M9's had slide failures ....the stopper pin would fail and the slide would launch off the weapon.....thats why I caution anyone to purchase a older berretta unless you contact berreta first to find out the years of those weapons......I havn't heard anything bad about them for years though.
Unless it was mistreated or seriously abused, I have not heard of such a problem ever since the mid 80's when the switch happened from the 1911's. Have it checked out and/or call Beretta. Can't hurt.
westpointranger said:
A friend of mine told me that the slide on the Berreta M9 cracks after about 1000 rds or so. Can anyone clear this up for me?

In the mid 80's.... the SEAL teams began to reciever the M-9's to replace the 1911A1 pistols... ALOT of SEAL's didnt like this... so they set out to prove the M-9 a peice of junk. One of the einsteins thought up the idea of putting MP5 Subgun ammo through one... wich unfortinatly resulted in the death of a SEAL member. The rear of the frame broke from the force of the subgun ammo and struck him in the forehead killing him. If you use regular ammo... M-9's work fine for many many thousands of rounds. The barrel will need replacement before anything else.

WOW BC this you brought this thread from the dead! :lol:

You've been doing some diggin' here at SC havent ya? 8)

As one SC member told me once a while back: "its all about the littl gold nuggets of information that you have to search for" and its true.

Yup... just cause the thread is old doesnt mean it has been answered. 8)

i have had a mod 92f since 1987 with ?,000 of rounds run thru it and no cracks and only one failure to feed....
Just dont put subgun ammo through it... youll be just fine. I have a Beretta M-9 with around 17,000 rounds through it... no problems.

I had a 92 FS for a few years and no cracks of any kind despite a few thousand rounds. The only thing that ever went wrong functionally was that it recently started to fail to cycle. It would do it after heating up usually, then it was like the slide wasn't moving back far enough; it kept catching the cartride in the rim. I had to use a lot of lube on the rails to fix it. That's a problem I'd never heard anything about, but I suppose every once in a while you'll find something that does weird stuff. So they put subgun ammo in it? That's why it says not to do that in the manual...
I just read an article in "Combat Arms" about various pistols various countries are using. It mentioned a variant of the M9 called the M10, the primary difference being that the M10 had some sort of feature that prevented the slide from flying back at the shooter in case it broke. Didn't mention much of the details. Just a little more info for this thread.
Beretta 92fs = *puke*

Beretta brigadier = YES!!!!! :)

but that's just my personal preference. I like the removeable from sight and the heavier slide. Put in a 4.7 inch chrome-lined barrel into a brigadier and you're good to go with a pretty cool sidearm that should not fail you.
Or... as many Spec Ops / SF units have found out... go back to the 1911A1. :) The USMC is also starting to issue the Springfield Armory MC Operator M-1911A1. Good ol 45...

I heard something about the old M9 receivers cracking due to a special metal mix the Army requested WAY back in the day. I think it was from these forums, don't quite recall. Either way, yes, check with Beretta. (These M9s would be ancient, IE when the US military started issuing them, and will have been replaced by now).
I have to Beretta 92 FS's and they are good guns. Sights on them suck however. I will eventually get the slide milled so i can get either Nomak low mount tritiums or BOMAR adjustable tritiums on them. Other then that, guns are fine. I will go with everyone here heeding the warning on not firing Subgun ammo through these firearms. Not a good idea. Knew a former Green Beret who did that and the gun almost exploded in his hand. Forget it was a diffferent type of ammo we were gonna run through his MP5.
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