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best 7mm mag ammo?

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I have been using a 7mm mag for years for both hunting and animal damage control. Handloads of 120 gr and 150 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips have served me extremely well. However, I have a 400 meter competition coming up and want the best downrange accuracy I can get, handloads or commercial. Can somebody save me much effort by pointing me in the right direction?
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This is a question thats asked alot but rarely has a clear answer. It all comes down to harmonics. When you pull the trigger, your barrel vibrates with the explosion that ensues. Different powder charges cause different vibrations.

What i would reccomend is taking some 175 grain Sierra HPBT's. They have a ballistic coefficient of .608 when loaded beyond 2100 FPS according to their website. Start with your standard load using IMR or bullseye and work up slowly by .5 a grain...(or even .1 of a grain if your that anal). Shoot 5, 3 shot groups with each, cleaning after each group.

This will give you an idea of what load your rifle likes. Im sure mad will be able to be more clear than i have. But this should get you started.
gotta find a load that your rifle likes
every rifle is diffenrt

thats for factory and handloads

though i dont handload, i agree with Spade's bullet choice
I agree with trying the Sierra 175 grain Match Kings. The thought of using those bullets starts me salivating like a crazed dog.

I also like the idea about using IMR powder, specifically IMR-4831. I also like H-4831 in the 7mm Magnum.

But I don't know what was meant by "bullseye". I hope he meant "bullseye" in the sense of achieving accuracy. But whatever you do, never, ever, ever load Bullseye powder in a 7mm Magnum. The results would be catastrophic if not fatal.

Thanks, guys. That is a bullet that I've never worked up a hand load for. Most everything I load for requires maximum splat at close range. This is new stuff for me. IMR 4350 and 7828 have been good in the past. Should I go with what I know or start with what is universally considered 'the best' for that bullet? What do your benchrest buddies use with the Sierra? I have plenty of load data for the 7mm, some of which will surely include loads for the HPBT, but can you guys point me toward one that has historically performed well in a relatively long-barreled Browning A-Bolt?

I pre-thank any responders! Your info can get me where I need to be and save me from starting at step one!
mad, the more i read that i dont know what i was thinking. Its been a long day. Mads right though, dont ever load pistol powder in a rifle cartridge.
You might also call the Sierra help line. Their ballistic technicians are amazing.

IMR-4350 is also a very good powder for the 7mm Magnum, but with IMR-4831 or IMR-7828, you get the advantage of better load density. With a higher load density, you should expect better uniformity.

I don't know any benchrest shooter that shoot the 7mm Magnum. But I bet they would recommend the slowest powder that still produces top velocity.

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