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Bipods-looking for a good, inexpensive one

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is there such a thing?whats everybody prefer and could you show me pictures
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Well, Harris is by far the most popular, and they offer several models and are reasonably priced. $50-$100 depending on model.

The Parker-Hale bi-pods are outstanding, and are what I prefer, but off course, they are the most expensive... about $200.

Versa-pods are very similar to the Parker-Hales, but not nearly as rugged or durable. Price is about $40-$60.

There are several others, but these are the ones I am familiar with

ok thanks, i was thinking harris but looked at the springs and didnt know, then i was looking at versapods and in cabels if u buy one it comes with a free adapter so i could have an adapter on two rifles for quick and easy mounting, then i saw your review of the versa pod and sounds like they are cheaply made...would it stand up to a 7mm Rem Mag and a .22-250, and maybe even a .300 Win Mag if i feel like putting an adapter on it?
i have a harris bi-pod on my Varminter and am putting a harris bi-pod on my Remington 700P when it comes in tommarrow... before i even can take it home
i like it, helps me keep my varminter stable
harris gets my reccoemdnation
The versa pod will hold up to 7mm for a while. The one I had on the prototype is now in my dad's posession, but it was working fine when I gave it to him, mounted on a .300 WM. It just seems like it WILL eventually wear out... I have not experienced it yet.

harris bi-pod should hold up to a .308s recoil for a looooooong while right?
dont think ill have a problem but im just makin sure
just makin sure heh
alright then... i would rather harris but between lower price and another mounting thing versa pod seems nice, but i would like it to hold up for a very long time, but a thing about hte harris i would prrly take it off for whitetail becaue i dont know what those big springs are going to catch on
if i was going to go into the forest or any other place i could imagine ti getting stuck id take that bi-pod off... dont need it, really only use it for measuring accuracy of a load and all

In my opinion, Harris is the only way to go! (Unless you have a lot of money to spend)

1. Dependability: I want my equipment to be bulletproof, and Harris bi-pods are very tough.

2. Price: I am not familiar with the Parker-Hale bi-pods mele speaks of but for me I just dont't have that kinda money to throw around at this time.

Just my thoughts but I hope they help
alright well would the harris be easy to take on and off so i could put it on the gun i am shooting at the time, between my .22, 7mm,.300 magnum's, .22-250?

As long as your guns have a stud for mounting your sling to it will be very easy to switch back and forth. I switch mine back and forth when I use it. I'm still a little old fashioned in that I like sandbags.

Sako has a bipod they make (MSRP: USD $550). One of the neat features of this one is that it allow for left/right swivel in the weapon system while the bipod legs remain stationary. Are there other bipods that do this?. At this point, I am actually designing my own bipod (more of an intellectual challenge, but if I cannot find a decent bipod with left/right slew capability, I'll actually make the dang thing).

Chime in?
Harris bipods can swivel if you get the attachment.
SubThermal: thanks for the tip, I'll give Harris bipod(s) a closer look.

Does anyone have any info on this: ? Looks rather neat, and the price is good, and the manufacturer has high marks from everyone with whom I spoke. Opinions?
Buy my harris. I have a 9-13" HBL-S I'm getting rid of for $75. It's painted camo but just came off my PSS.
Let me know if you are interested.
Scopes said:
Buy my harris. I have a 9-13" HBL-S I'm getting rid of for $75. It's painted camo but just came off my PSS.
Let me know if you are interested.
Scopes, I appreciate offer, but I must decline. I've not finished my research into what I want. Could the HBL-S handle the (ab)use put onto it by a 300WinMag rifle with a rather heavy scope?
Undoubtedly yes. I have shot with that bipod from a custom HD .300 wm with a USO scope. Never a problem. Also I shot it from prone on dirt, concrete, seated on concrete, and never a problem.
go to, then click on custom rifles, and scroll all the way to the bottom. The rifle is mine, though at that time it had a S&B scope. That is the bipod before I painted it.
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