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black death target

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beings as the snipers hide target was posted in another forum. I thought id post this one. It should be done at either 25 or 50 yards for rimfire. and no less than 100 for centerfire. ... llenge.pdf

really fun target.
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Awesome target! Would be a great one for the postal match...

Either way, I'm gonna be shooting at that one.
I have one similar that is called "know your limitations" the object is to shoot the progressively smaller targets, accumlating points as you go along. If you miss a clean hit on a target, you lose ALL of your points. You've got to know when to stop.....

Hey, thats another cool one JeffVN! I actually saw snipers shoot that on TV, guys from the US, Canada, and UK did it at Benning. Snipers shot from 300y and spotters from 100y I think. Guess it'll be 100 y centerfire and 50 y rimfire for us?
Depends on how big it is, Id shoot it at 300 if it was larger than the target i

although i guess we could scale it down.
The one I saw was just 3 irregular shapes, triangle and hexagon looking shapes, and the shooter could try for all three, or he could stop when he felt like he couldn't hit the next one.

PLEASE don't scale down anything lol :lol: . I kinda think Black Death is a lil more interesting than the snipers hide target, more possibilites, etc...but I like them both
well i tried it a lil while score was 23, 2 in the ten and 3 in the one circle, my first 2 were in the 10 and i got scared and played it safe with the last 3...i then proceeded to shoot more to see how many i could get into the ten ring and theres one big hole on the right side of it and a few flyers, fun shooting

o..and this was 50 yards with my .22lr

Nicely done. hitting the white on #10 wihtout touching the edge is proabaly sub 1/2 moa shooting.

Did you shoot it 100 yards?

Where's the pics?

50 yards with a 22LR rimfire, and Federal target shells... i have the target i will put it up in roughly 2 hours i dont wanna wake my rents up with the scanner... late night for them the last 2 nights..and friday they actually let me have a party without them their although it was only 4 other people..
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