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Black Hills match

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anyone used black hills match ammo for 52 and 69 gr .223 loads and 168 gr for a .308 load
how do they compare to thier Federal Gold Medal counterparts that are much more expensive?
how wll 52 gr match do in a 1:9 twist barrel? i never used bullets lighter than 55 gr hows this going to fare in the wind byond 100-200y?
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The only ones I've used are the 175 grain match .308 - they compared favorably to the Federal GMM, at least through my PSS .308.
so the 175 gr BTHP stabilizes well in a 1:12 twist barrel?
hear its boarderline so i intend on trying it
It did in my PSS's 26 inch barrel. I now have a new 24" barrel. We'll see how it does in the 24" tube.
I've used the 175gr .308, you can read the review here

I've also recently used the 52gr match in the CZ527, which is 1:9" and it shot very well. You can read that review here

heh u used it in a gun that will reasonably out perform the crap out of mine
what are the chances that my 700P will do that well with either match ammo as you were able to do with your bravo?
and looks like black hills match did ok in the CZ 527 too heh

when you gonna test M118LR?
i ran Black Hills 168 gr BTHP through my Rem 700P, shot almost as good as Federal 168 gr BTHP, not as good as Fed GMM 175 gr BTHP... gonna have to try out Black Hills 175 gr BTHP now heh
as for the Varminter, Federal was a bit more consistnat comparing 69 gr BTHP but 52 gr match ammo from Black Hills was erratic, surplus Federal XM193 is cheaper and shoots better heh

Thanks for the update on the ammo. All guns like different ammo. Usually, when you get to the ultra accurate rifles, the difference is not as much, as all the ammo will tend to be more accurate, but still, each rifle tends to like certain ammo. I.e., the accuracy of the CZ527 with the surplus XM193, it wasn't as accurate as BH match, but good gravy, it was close enough to not warrent spending the extra money on match ammo!

ive found surplus M193 in particular Fed XM193 55 gr MC-BT to be highly accurate in both my AR-15s, found it to be about the same as Federal Gold Medal Match, possibly better out of my M4 Carbine, almost as good otu of my Varminter, by far better than 52 gr match loaded by Black Hills, thier 69 gr BTHP was good but good isnt good enough when something for $3.79/pack is preforming excellently and something around the same price (Federal Match) preforms slightly better which would be better for longer ranged shots

just wondering though, if re-used Black Hills is good it would warrnat trying it, if it did well then that would warrant re-filling my inventories of .223 match ammo with this stuff instead of Federal if i tested it at longer distances
the 52gr reloaded black hills ammo shot very well in the CZ527. Its worth at least trying. I have not tested it beyond 100 meters. I was planning on just using the 55gr 193 as my permanent load.

any chance that my gun would like the reused ammo (blue box) more than red box?
still dont see how its gonna beat Federal XM193 in terms of price or accuracy but its always fun testing this stuff out :)
I would say it would probably NOT out perform the red box... it probably will do JUST as well, as the manufacturing process is the same, just using once used brass.

well i tried 52 grain and 69 grain Black Hills match in my M4 Carbine, my M4 liked both, 69 grain black hills did just about as good as Federal, ill have to test it at the longer ranges this load is definitely worth trying

i also tried some in my Varminter and had better results this time... this is strange 52 grain was not erratic this time, overall i would consider that day a good range day so i would say i must have gotten a not so good package of it?
it was shooting better than the Federal Xm193 this time (both of them) and i had brought some Xm193 to to compare
unfortuneately i didnt have any Federal Gold Medal to compare to it with but i hope to do that at some point

also i hope to get some 175 grain black hills to test to 175 grain federal match for my Rem 700
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