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black hills moly coat rounds good or bad

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i hear there are some advantages of moly coated rounds
the barrel fouling less from moly coated rounds is one of them
hear that this can cause damage to a barrel though
dont know anything other than my Remington 700P in .308 has a 1:12 twist 26" barrel... should i try moly coated rounds in it?
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There are advantages to Moly, it does indeed help keep the barrel cleaner. But, in order for you to take advantage of it, you have to ALWAYS shoot moly once you start. For that reason, I do not use it.

not worth it then heh
i think ill always switch loads for hutning, target shooting, testing new stuff etc
Once you go moly, you should not go back to non-moly bullets, as it will scrape the moly out of the barrel. IF you are going to use non-moly hunting ammo, you should probably stick to a non-moly bore.
ya the hunting loads i intend to try some time next month for use in hunting to my knowledge do not come in a moly coated version
besides that id like to save some money and shoot full metal jackets when im not trying to impress anyone with groups
it will give me some practice with the rifle for a lot less money
if i used match ammo for some target practice at 100y id feel bad about myself knowing that i coulda saved a lot of money as long as im not in a competition or trying to group extremely well heh also will all come down to what i can group with that budget ammo and surplus ammo if its 1-2 moa forget about it.. if its sub moa it would be worth it
I thought I throw in something I heard from a good shooting source:

Cleaning a moly-coated barrel with a lubricant containing teflon
will actually create a mild acid that eventually wears out the barrel.

Better safe than sorry, huh?
heh thx for the bit of advice
i think ill be safe than sorry
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