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british L96A1

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there is the reg. version of this gun and the supressed version. If you bought the reg. version could you just by the supressor barrel?

one other thing kinda off topic and not in the right section but im 17yrs old and i am planning on joinging the military and to me the only way to go is to be a sniper. I am color blind but only slightly i can see everything just fine through a scope i was wondering if color blindness would prevent me from getting into sniper school.
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For the US Army, they will not let you attend sniper school if you are color blind. It would then just become a matter of being able to pass the militarys color blindness test.

In terms of the AI, you can buy various barrels for the AI rifles and they are easy to head space and swap. Some of those barrels are threaded for a suppressor. But I believe the AWP version that you may be referring to with the integral suppressor would involve a more thorough change out to allow the stock to fit properly, etc.

I don't think it would be hard - but it'd be incredibly expensive. Brügger & Thomet produce a completely integrated suppressor and barrel for AI. It's meant to be switched out on regular unsuppressed rifles. The thing is, B&T is not cheap. I have an Impulse IIA Mk23 suppressor from B&T and the quality is incredible..but with that pricetag it should go without saying. I opted for a cheaper suppressor from a Norwegian firm called Hausken when getting one from my AICS. It should be good enough for my needs...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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