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Build your dream rifle

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Maybe this has already been discussed before. Scenario: you have an unlimited supply of cash and all the time in the world. What rifle would you build? What parts and companies would you choose?
Personally I tend to agree with Mel on some things. I do love the Parker-Hale M85. I would need a detachable ( at least) 10 round mag, a McMillan McHale stock, preferably large bolt handle but probably not the camo paint scheme. I would also need iron sights as well as the best Leupold scope money can buy.

How bout the rest of you?
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Sure thing... we can do that! (Barrel choice will crank up price though...)

Hum, there are so many rifles I would love to build if I had the money. Believe it or not, a .50 BMG is not one of them though. I've used them, and they have a purpose, just not something I am chomping at the bit to add to my personal inventory.

Right now, there is a 6.5x55 that I am dreaming of building, I plan to do it after the SC2, SC3, and SC4 prototypes are done. It will be for my own collection and will be an SC3 with McMillan Win Marksman stock with spacer system, #7 (maybe #8) 26" tube....

The SC2 is also a dream rifle to put together to, I'm really excited for it.

man... it changes daily, but for now this SC3 6.5 has my interest.

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Speaking of all this custom gun stuff... Mel, how would your SC1 compare in price to say a 700p with a glass bedded mcmillan stock installed with a butt adjuster system? I've been thinkin of doing this conversion but I figured if yours is around the same price what the heck. Also have you given any thought to somehow making an SC with the mchale stock? I know then you'd need an internal mag or a single shot. If I got an SC, is it possible to mount iron sights on it as well? Maybe the detachble ones as on the M24.
Well, I guess that depends on who does the work for you on the 700p (or if you do it your self) and what McMillan stock.

700P - $650 (if you shop)
McMillan A2-A5 with spacer system - $565 retail (give or take depending on exact options)
Glass bedding - $80 (depends on who does it for you, or if you do it)

That puts you just about $1300, not counting little things like shipping or anything.

For the same A2-A5 stocks with spacer system, my SC1s are $1750.

So, it depends on if you like the extra features on the SC rifles. (large bolt handles, teflon coating, accurized actions, etc). If you are on a budget, that $1300 looks good, and gets you a semi-custom and nice field rifle. (heh, nothing like talking people OUT of buying your product)

Of course, another option, is the SC1 or SC1A1 with added spacer system, which makes it $1600. ($1500 + $100 for spacer)
Also, SC3 or SC3A1 with MT Rifleman Action, with spacer system added, making it $1550. ($1450 + $100 for spacer)

well, obviously there are choices!! I like them all :D

In terms of McHale - Yes, it is something I'm seriously thinking about, but need to build one as a prototype to see exactly how it'll work. Man, I love that stock.

As of right now, no, I haven't devoted any resources or attention to doing iron sites. I'm sure we could if I wanted to go down that route, just haven't devoted time/resources to it.

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A 6.5-284 in a Remington action, on a McMillan A1 stock. With a 24 inch Krieger barrel. Versa Bi-Pod. And to top it all off with Leupold Mark 4 rings and a Leupold Mark 4 3.5-10x40mm LR/T M1 Illuminated Reticle. All of it accurized (with the bedding, floating, squaring, ect.) and a Teflon coating on all the exterior. Man after I think about that it would cost so much.
Well, depends on what you consider costing too much, but for just the rifle (less mounts and optics) its not that bad. I'd build it for $1650 with the Krieger barrel. The whole package (your spec'd optics mounted on the mk4 rings and bases and versa pod) for $2800. Seems reasonable to me :D

Only problem I see is that the versa-pod spigot will not properly fit on the A1 stock because its not tall enough, to use the versa-pod you would need the version that mounts on the swivel stud

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