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Build your dream rifle

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Maybe this has already been discussed before. Scenario: you have an unlimited supply of cash and all the time in the world. What rifle would you build? What parts and companies would you choose?
Personally I tend to agree with Mel on some things. I do love the Parker-Hale M85. I would need a detachable ( at least) 10 round mag, a McMillan McHale stock, preferably large bolt handle but probably not the camo paint scheme. I would also need iron sights as well as the best Leupold scope money can buy.

How bout the rest of you?
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If I had an unlimited amount of cash, I'd buy the firearm that I was allowed to test fire this past weekend.

It was a pistol with a shoulder stock. A model 1904 German Naval Luger. The pistol was in near mint condition with all original matching parts. The bluing was stunningly beautiful. Deutsche Waffen und Munitionfabriken used fire and rust blueing back then.

The pistol makes my Rolex watch seem crude by comparsion.

Now my friend actually shoots this pistol--even though it is valued at between 75 and 100 grand.

I was able to empty a magazine at a silhouette target one hundred meters away. And all of my shots hit the silhouette. It was amazingly accurate with the shoulder stock.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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