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Built it yourself ARs

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I was wondering if there is anyone out there that sells the parts needed to build your own .308 Winchester caliber AR (a la AR-10). The only build it yourself ARs that I know of are all .223s.

If there aren't, who makes the best build it yourself 223 AR parts?

Thanks in advance!
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The DPMS is a fine rifle BUT it does have one MAJOR drawback!!! It uses the cheap clear (smoke) mags. I have firsthand info that these mags are crap!! A buddy of mine bought one with the 16" barrel nice gun and for the price shoots very well, with a BSA red dot scope (yea I know, why a BSA on a nice 308 rifle??) it gets about 2" groups at 100 yards.

At the shooting range a couple of moths ago and a fella had one with the 24" barrel. He could only load 3 shells in a 10 rnd mag to make it work properly. Have run across several reviews on these rifles, great gun all but the mags!!

STAY AWAY!!! untill they resolve the mag issue or I hope you have better luck! just my $0.02
I was not aware that they made metal mags for the 308 DPMS. if that is the case then the DPMS looks like a little better rifle. Can you give more info on the metal mags? or point me in the right direction?? Both rifles that I have seen came from the factory with the plastic ones.

The price in shotgun news is $819 and up (don't quote me on that). Good gun for the money!!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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