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Are these lawsuits unjust?

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Bushmaster lawsuits

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First off I'd like to say hi to everyone. Yea I'm still alive, just attending college now. The United States Navy is keeping me very occupied, but I love it! Dan is at boot camp and will be for about 3 months. Good to see everyone is keeping it interesting around here, I've been reading as much as possible and it seems all is well. Anyways.............back on topic..........I was reading the thread on the AWB and I remember reading something on Bushmaster settling with some of the victims of the DC area shootings. I was wondering if someone, maybe with more time on their hands than I, (Jeff, *cough* *cough*, j/k, no harm meant) could fill me in on this. Because so far as I can tell, these lawsuits are ridiculous. I absolutely feel for the families of the victims, but lets get serious here for a second. Is how will going after Bushmaster help anything. Even more than that.....How in hell can you blame the gun manufacturer for the crimes????????? If this was common practice, it wouldnt be affordable to sell firearms. Sry I'm out of time, PT tom. morning so I need to finish my Homework then crash. Let me know what ya think.

P.S.- Keep up the good work guys. (Special Props to FLEA, his posts are always great :D .)
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welcome back APK good to hear from ya
back to school and 'busy' working or busy posting while im working :)
school gives me a lot of work but i have plenty of time to do it before i start work... and plenty of time to work out at school
only the weekends for shooting though :(
well basically Bushmaster is being sued because the so calledSnpier used a Bushmaster
if you want my opinion
Bushmaster made a legal product and is not at fault
the DC Punk they call a sniper is responsible for thier deaths and if he used an RRA or a Remington or anyone else they would sue them
they make a legal product and its not thier fault how someone uses it
is Ford responsible if one uses thier car to run people over???

heh and the assault weapons ban will be expiring in 1 hour 29 minutes and 33 seconds

good to hear from ya
good luck in the navy tell dan i said good luck

cya online some time
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It's a bullshit suit, if a judge rules in favor of the victims... he should be flogged with law books, as far as I am concerned they should sue the maker of the ammunition, I mean, a gun cant kill someone (unless you beat them) without ammo.

The ford truck cant run people over without GAS and OIL to run. It is just a silly lawsuit.
the only ones to blame for this is the 2 dc punks
Jeff: Yea this whole thing is bogus i think, how can they even begin to blame Bushmaster? Like Sub said, the ammunition manufacturers are more responsible than the gun manf. ( J/k, they are not responsible either, but a good point against the ridiculous lawsuit.) I don't know why but this whole thing gets me really pissed off!!! If this was the standard who knows what could happen. Gun involved shootings happen everyday, are we going to sue each individual gun manufacturer?? I just don't get it, not at all. If anyone does please let me know.

Sub: To my understanding the judge never made a ruling, it was settled out of court to avoid an overwhelming cost to Bushmaster.

P.S.- Is it just me or is this really sad?
I don't see how it could possibly be that expensive. Hire a single lawyer, hell, even a pre-law student could probably win the case for BushMaster.

If court costs are so expensive it is easier to settle out of court, then the court system sucks balls.

But then again, all those people want is money.
subThermal said:
If court costs are so expensive it is easier to settle out of court, then the court system sucks balls.
subThermal said:
But then again, all those people want is money.
hit the nail on the head with those 2
courts are full of it some of the times

and why would they sue the gun manufactueres... do they think they are legally accountable? no they want money
well i think bushmaster should have taken these folks to court.... they can obviously afford it and knowin the cost of lawyers the suers would have to declare bankruptcy before t was done.... although there is always a chance they would lose..... better out of court....

i think that these people should all get an ass whoopin....... as far as im concerned the gun didnt point its own damn self at these people.

What kind of underwear where those idiots pulling the trigger wearing? Thats who should have been sued. LOL Seriously, BushMaster most likely settled out of court to save the BushMaster name from being drug through the judicial system and the media any more than it already was. I agree completely it was a stupid lawsuit and the people most likely wouldnt have won. But it would have raked BM thru the coals in the process and wind up hurting the business. And with the judicial system as screwed up as it is BM could have lost.

The real problem is our judicial system and too many bleeding hearts that don't feel that the people that were guilty of committing the crime should be held solely accountable.

Ok, enough of my soapbox. My apologies if I offended anyone.
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