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butt stock bullet pouch

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i was just checking out "" and saw in the pics, the green (i think so) buttstock bullet bands that hold about 5 shots. where do you get these things? that cheap black one i have on my buttstock aint worth nothing.
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the best deal around is most likely to be a guy known as Triad over at Snipers Hide, he just had a Christmas special and they are the Eagle brand.
I've got one from Brigade Quartermasters that is a Blackhawk that looks almost identical to the Eagle one and I really like it. It's got the accessory pouch where I keep ballistics and range estimating info (which I hope to never use, the Mildot Master should help me there).
Buttstock Ammo pouches

I have BOTH the Eagle and the Blackhawk buttstock ammo pouches, zippered and in OD green colour.

A few observations about the Eagle pouch:

Black, soft in all weather cheekpiece contact material, somewhat impervious to the cleaning rod as it swabs the barrel using a bore guide. I always thought that the black soft (like suede) material might be vulnerable to any cleaning solvents, but no holes or adverse reactions so far. I protect it further with a clean rag. Nice on the cheek during our July / August sniper matches here in Kanada. Right now the Eagle pouch is on my Rem M700 ADL .223 Earth Pig gitter. Bullet bands are robust and tight with the .223 ammo. Nothing going missing here. Well designed which holds a tiny ziploc bag with 3 different necessary sized Allen or Torx wrenches for the scope mounts/rings/bases and of course a 5/32" allen for the action screws on the Remmy. Can't forget a little 1 oz. oil (M16 issue) bottle I keep for adverse conditions. Zipper works well without too much tugging. Velcro under the pouch / cheekpiece takes some time to tweak and adjust to your buttstock, but once you are dialed in , life is fabulous. I have not encountered to much shifting from crawling around the ground hog fields. I'm too old (and disabled) to deploy to Asskrakistan or Iraq, so I don't have a mandate for hostile operations.

Some observations about the Blackhawk Industries cheekpiece / buttstock pouch:

Nytaneon material on the cheek is more impervious to cleaning solutions found on cleaning rod as you punch your barrel after matches / operations. A little hot on the cheek initially, this is a slight annoyance. The cordura on both Eagle and Blackhawk is made of 1000 denier OD material, but for some reason, the BH product is a little stiffer to the touch. Pouch is a tiny bit smaller, narrower or not as full / deep as the Eagle. Ammo loops are made of bombproof elastic, just like the Eagle. Velcro adjustments are exactly like the Eagle cheekpiece, similar design, congruent adjustment technique (big words, eh ? :lol: ) .. Like the Eagle, lots of velcro on the straps to make them resist tearing off while low crawling. I'm a former grunt, too. YUP, Regular Army.

Ooops , I forgot to mention that this Blackhawk cheekpiece is on my Win M70 Stealth II .308 and it's my # 1 Sniper / Precision rig. Once I installed the Ken Farrell 20 MOA base, I truly needed some cheek raising. Wowsers !!

Conclusion ?

I bought BOTH ! There ya go. For those of you with a mandate for hostile operations, I would not hesitate to buy / bring along EITHER one. Well made kit and something I would stake my life on.

:wink: Hooah !
Cheers and regards,
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Thanks for the side by side review Barney!

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