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Of course it is important to write your own, but for those who aren't going to, a generic open letter is better than nothing. This is to assist in the protest of the DOJ's support of AB 352 and 357 which will effectively end handgun enthusiasm in California.

Listed below are the Director of Sales to whom you should write.

Also is the open letter written by Glockaphile to buy used by anyone who wants to.

Smith & Wesson
Eoin Stafford
Director of Sales
2100 Roosevelt Avenue
Springfield, MA 01104

Craig Dutton
Director of Sales
6000 Highlands Parkway
Smyrna, Georgia 30082

Bill Silver
Director of Sales
18 Industrial Drive
Exeter, NH 03833

Hechler & Koch
Joe Cunnife
21480 Pacific Blvd.
Sterling, Virginia 20166

Dear ___,

How many pistols does ____ sell every year in the UK? How many in Japan? Let me guess: not very many in either the UK or Japan. Perhaps a few hundred, to law enforcement and military? The UK and Japan have different legal systems and different cultures, but they have two things in common: in both countries, individual citizens are effectively prohibited from buying or owning handguns, and the total market (civilian, law enforcement and military) for your fine products is tiny or non-existent in both countries.

I'm bringing these facts to your attention, because right now the California state government is seriously considering two pieces of legislation, called AB 352 and SB 357. These two bills together would create new handgun and ammunition serialization requirements that are so burdensome that they would effectively end recreational handgun shooting in California. These two bills will put California's gun laws into the same league as the gun laws in the UK and Japan, where rifles and shotguns are restricted, and handguns are unavailable, and even Olympic shooters have to go outside their own countries to train. These two bills will have a disastrous effect on your sales in California, and will probably put most gun stores and shooting ranges (ie, your sales channels) out of business in this state. Fortunately, your company has two options it can take in response to these two bills.

The first option is for your company to take a strong stance to defend the rights of California gun owners. Your company could start by writing a letter to our Governor asking him to veto the bills. Such a letter wouldn't hurt, but it probably won't help much either. The most effective action you can take to defend our rights is to follow the lead of the Barrett Rifles company and the Folsom Shooting Club. Both of these businesses have publicly announced that they will no longer do business with law enforcement agencies that promote gun bans. Stop doing business with law enforcement agencies in California until they stop promoting legislation that will drive your company out of California. Stop all sales of your products to State-level law enforcement agencies such as the California Department of Justice. California's Attorney General Bill Lockyer is lobbying for both of these bills; AG Lockyer should have to look elsewhere for guns for his department. Make a public announcement explaining why you have taken this action. Explain that you had to do it, because they are trying to drive your company out of the biggest handgun market in the US, and they are trying to take away our freedom. Reap the benefits of the publicity. Gun owners all over the US will suddenly have another reason to buy your products. California politicians might have a change of heart. Your market will be protected and you'll be able to continue making money selling your products to eager customers here.

The second option is to do what gun manufacturers have done in both the UK and Japan. They sell a lot of pellet guns and airsoft (plastic BB) guns in both those countries. If your company doesn't take action to stop AB 352 and SB 357, you should plan on introducing a line of airsofts for the California market, because you certainly won't be selling any of your pistols here.

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