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Well I can't do the pic's even with Flea's help. It's just beyond my skill level with this evil machine. Sorry :x
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DR308's Pics

Don't worry DR308....its not the easiest system to work with....I only know it cause I have been on a few web boards....if you want me to post your pics somewhere else just let me know.....nice stuff by the way.
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:D Thanks Flea!!!

I will give a run down on this rifle. Krieger Barrel 1 in 8 twist--28.5" long-- stainless--Double cryoed--.300 RUM cal.--Badger Ord. 20 min. angled scope mount--Double ejectors installed--Sako extractor installed--Tubbs recoil lug--Complete action accurizing done by me--H&S alum block bedded stock, stock work done by me--H&S steel trigger guard with removable box mag--Leupold MK4 rings--Leupold MK4-M1, 16 power scope. This rifle shoots a Sierra 240 grain match bullet at 2955 FPS. Here is the picture of the last target I shot when every thing was said and done. The top 6 rounds were to get the zero at 200 yards. The next 15 rounds went through the same hole. You will have to excuse the 2 flyers, I was getting a little tired. This group was shot at 75 degrees temp. I have also shot a group almost as good at 25 degrees temp. The powder I am using is not effected to much by the temp conditions. I will let you all know how it does at one mile by the end of this summer. By the way, the Harris bi-pod is on there ONLY to take the pic's of the rifle. I use it in prone matches with a sling.
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Nice rig!!!

Is it your belief that cryo treatment extends barrel life, enhances accuracy, or both. I've never seen any scientific study on the accuracy part of it, but some swear by it. I do believe that cryo extends the barrel life enough to justify the cost, expecially with a chambering that is notorious for eating barrels like crazy.

Yes I do believe that a barrel that is cryoed stabilizes the barrel, and extends barrel life. In my opinion the importance of stabilizing the barrel is so that the harmonic whip of the barrel is more controled and consistant. This is not so important on a heavy barrel, but to me every little bit helps. It has always worked that way for me. I really have the barrel free floated. You can stick a doubled over credit card down the entire length of the barrel. The stock that I am using makes this rifle VERY front heavy. It takes a little more to get used to, but it keeps it under the 16 LB limit for hunting rifles in this state. I WILL take a bull elk with this rifle this year!![I hope] :roll:
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