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Canadians importing firearms from the US

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Am I ever sorry I ribbed Scatch on his long posts. This one is gonna bea doozie.

With the partnership between Mel and Sniperdog, and people here expressing their interests in SC rifles, I thought it would be a good idea to post this. Because I am ordering a barrel from the US, I now know the procedure needed to import firearms and firearm parts from America.

What we need to do first is ask Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa for an IIC. That is an International Import Certificate. For Non-restricted and Restricted firearms and parts we do not need this. Technically our importer needs it to get the permit HE needs to ship our stuff. So, we need to get it for him. Its free.

We fill out the paperwork, get our IIC and when we obtain it, send it to our exporter. For Restricted weapons we also need our TAN, approval to transport. We get that from the CFC.

Ammo shipments that we cannot get into Canada are explosive or incendiary ammunition, .25 and .32 caliber pistol ammunition, and anything designed to pierce fiberaramind armour (kevlar). Sniperdog's match ammo is cool, as is hunting ammo, etc.

The US exporter does NOT need to get a permit to send us a gun part costing less than 100 dollars unless it is a "significant part". Thats the US term but I know it means barrels, bolts, slides, frames, or receivers. They need us to get an IIC for that. For some reason, rifles are handled by the Department of State. Shotguns have NO breaks for parts under 100 dollars. They fall under the Department of Commerce.

We have to pre-register our firearm, and have it verified as being what we said we were importing by the CFC. We have 30 days to do that, starting when we get the gun.

Okay, that covers it. To recap. Lets say we want to buy a rifle from someone in the US and have it shipped here...This is what we do:

1) They need to be an FFL holder.

2) We apply for, and get our IIC, and send it to them

3) They get their permit from their Govt and ship it to us

4) We are responsable for the shipping, making sure it meets regulations. Courier is the way to go, in a secure container that cannot be broken into.

5) We pre-register our firearm.

6) We have it verified by the CFC.

And thats a wrap. Hopefully this helps anyone who wants to do business with Mel or Sniperdog. If anyone wants things made clearer, give a holler and I am truly sorry that was such a long post! :oops:
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You missed one important detail.

You also have to measure the length of your penis to the nearest millimeter. Then you have to report this number to the People's Kommissar of Firearms. And after an 8 week waiting period, you are good to go......

Cannon, I'm not too sure about that one. Heck, we register our firearms unseen anyway, even online. Have to talk to CFC about that one. Maybe the police or regional firearms officer needs to see it.

Mad, do they at least give me a break due to temperature at the time of measuring? :cry:
lol whats the matter muzzle, afraid their going to charge you with having a short barreled weapon?
Yeah, I came up with a Detective Special! :twisted:

Just kidding...but with a barrel length under 18 inches being restricted...wouldn't you be scared?
Okay.... lets not take this one any further!
Back on topic.

I will be going through this export procedure over the next few months exporting an SC to canada. So stay tuned, hopefully its pretty straight forward as it appears to be

Uh....say again? :?
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