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cartrige question

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is there a short cartrige out there with a high bc? if so can i have stats and a pic?
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i did a little research and i was wondering, does anyone have the stats for the Lazzeroni Scramjet cartrige???
No, I do not have the charts for the lazzeroni, but if you are looking for short action cartridges with a high BC, I would focus on the 6.5's. Look at the .260 (not very many good factory loadings) and the 6.5x284 (one good factory loading from Blackhills). The 7mm-08 is another one that might be worth looking at.

Of course, the .308 with 175 is a good baseline.

I agree about the 6.5s, you have the .260 and the 6.5x284. For load data, look at any of the powder company web sites. This is a nice picture of the round and a few loads to go with it. The 139 - 142 grain bullets have high BC, above .595, and Sectional Density that rivals or beats the 190 grain Sierra .308.

You'll find some discussion of the good and bad that go with the 6.5x284 chambering on other threads on the site.

One other bullet you may want to consider is the 7mm Hornady 162 grain. Its high BC .629, or something close to that, rivals the best of the 6.5s.
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