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Cerakote a Beretta Cheetah (1 Heavy Pic)

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Hi guys, i'm newbie here. i recently had one of my pistol slide cerakoted with graphite black. after a week, the guy told me it was finish. The pic below on the left with before mark is when it just finished paint. The one on the right is after i shoot it at the range. My question is, is it normal that inside the slide there are marks and scratches like that ? i mean i know there are friction inside when we shoot, but i heard cerakote is "strong". how strong and how normal is it to have that scratch inside the slide just by shooting it a few rounds ?
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any expert want to help ?
Cerakote is crazy strong as far as thin coating goes. I also coat the inside of slides just as this person did. Wear spots inside the slide will wear through the Cerakote quite quickly.

What you need to watch for is chipping or peeling or trouble in places that don’t wear. If this happens, then the slide wasn’t prepped properly before the coating and it isn’t adhering properly.

Every pistol you buy has a coating on it that quickly wears off in wear areas. Keep the slide lubed with a very small amount of anti seize in those wear areas and you will be fine. Cerakote will wear as well, but it is stronger than most finishes.

Also keep in mind that wear spots usually do not show unless the pistol is taken apart, so it is not a cosmetic issue.
thanks ddd 007, overall the paint is good, the marking also crisp. but there is 1 chipping that already there from day 1. im not sure what cause it. i put a gun blue pen over it and it looks ok, im just curious what cause it and afraid if it will become worse
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I would keep an eye on it. Cerakote can scratch and wear, but chipping, bubbling, or peeling are typically a sign of improper prep.

If they are a stand up company, they will stand behind it.

We offer lifetime warranty against chipping, bubbling, and peeling. we are not the cheapest Cerakote company. There is a lot of time involved in doing Cerakote right and we don’t take shortcuts. No shortcuts means more time/money upfront, but a higher quality product in the end.

Beretta 84 Efr Custom Bronze. This one was refinished in EFR Black and a custom bronze cerakote . We added brand new grips to finish it off .
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