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Hey MOXIE... welcome to the Sniper Central Forums!!! I will look it up right now. Be back in a few minutes with some info.

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Here it is... The Chandler M-40 Long Range Precision Rifle

(The following was edit copied edit pasted from the following link ... ProdID=198 )

" Chandler Sniper M40 Long Range Precision Rifle2005(1-05)

For those desiring the ultimate in long range (1000 yard plus) accuracy and precision, with extreme requirements for strength and durability, the Chandler Sniper M40 Long Range Precision Rifle is in a class with very few peers. Many rifles can hold one minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy at 100, 200, or 300 yards. The Chandler Sniper Rifle has been designed with the purpose of achieving that level of performance at distances out to 1000 yards, day after day, week after week, even under the most miserable and demanding field conditions. It is a hardened field rifle that will hold zero through the worst of any situation.

The recognized standard of performance in long range military sniper rifles was the USMC M40A1. All other rifles strive to meet its level of performance and ruggedness. The Chandler Sniper is a custom rifle built to exceed the USMC specifications. All Chandler rifles are made by select USMC RTE armorers who realize that only by paying attention to the smallest detail will their products perform as required.

Starting with a Remington 700 Action, the Chandler Sniper Rifle also incorporates a McMillan stock, Hart barrel, high quality Leupold tactical scope with Mil-dot reticle, Iron Brigade Armory one-piece scope mount, Badger Ordnance M5 steel one-piece steel trigger guard, and all required accessories. The Chandler Sniper Rifle is chambered as a standard in .308 Winchester for the Sierra 168 or 175 grain Matchking bullet. These rounds are available through Black Hills and Remington Arms Co. Other calibers are available such as 300 Win-Mag, 30-06, .223/5.56, 7x61 S&H, 6.5-.284, 7MM Rem Ultra Mag, .300 Rem Ultra Mag, .338 Rem Ultra Mag, .300 WSSM and .338 Lapua.

Features include:


--Remington 700

--Clip slotted for stability and strength of scope mount

--Bolt face and action squared and trued

--Magazine box welded to receiver for durability

--Follower and magazine box modified for reliability and ability to hold five rounds

--Scope mount holes resized to 8x40 for stronger mounting


--Standard Remington 700 trigger rebuilt and tuned for optimum performance

--Set sear engagement and overtravel

--Pull weight adjusted to 3 3/4 lbs.

--Adjustment screws sealed to prevent loosening under routine use and recoil


--Hart stainless steel 416R 26-inch tapered with 1:12 twist (.308)

--Improved recoil lug for enhanced bedding capabilities resulting in stability

--USMC style muzzle crown for protection of muzzle


--McMillan A1, A1C, A2, A3, A4 or A5 style

--Made from high performance epoxy resin

--Extremely rugged titanium Devcon bedding with Marin-Tex skim bedding provides a perfect mating of barreled action and stock

--All non-bedded surfaces sealed with DuPont Centari acrylic enamel to prevent damage by oils, solvents and/or moisture

--Wichita unitized non-removable swivels

-- Swivel stud in front for optional bipod use

-Trigger Guard:

--M5 Chandler Style one piece steel trigger guard and floor-plate

--Provides rigid, distortion free foundation to lock barreled action in place

--Essential for long range accuracy and maintenance of zero

--Features positive floor-plate lock which will not “unintentionally” open

--Uses Torx head T-30 steel bolts and torqued to 65 in. lb. to ensure proper tension between the action and the bedding


--Leupold 3.5x10 MK4 LR/T Part # 52128 is standard

--Any Leupold Scope is optional, see upgrades or email for further info

--Nightforce scopes available, see upgrades

--M1 style has 1/4 minute click adjustments

--M3 style has 1/2 minute click adjustments

--Mil-dot reticle is standard on all scopes

--New TMR reticle is optional, see upgrades

--Butler Creek flip-up scope covers are standard

--Lifetime Warranty

-Scope Mount:

--Unitized construction makes this the most rugged and robust scope mount available

--Maintains zero in the worst field conditions

--Locks into receiver clip slot for extra stability and ruggedness

--Uses all four receiver mounting holes

--Includes four 8x40 Torx head mounting bolts

--Engraved with Chandler Sniper # and Serial #


--All metal parts are finished with our proprietary polymer-resin based Manowar Finish

This finish is available in Black, OD Green or Desert Tan and is salt water tested at 500


Accessory equipment provided with each Chandler Sniper Rifle includes:

--Hardigg Storm Case (OD Green Standard) Black available by request

--Chandler Sniper National Match leather sling made by Turner Saddlery (Black or Tan)

--AWS Turner Sling available by request, no additional charge

--Cleaning equipment from J.Dewey Co. (Nylon coated rod, bore guide, adapter and patch holder)

--Seekonk Torque wrench with attachments (68 inch-pound)

--Chandler log book - for maintaining accurate records of rounds fired and maintenance

Delivery and Accuracy

All Chandler Sniper M40 rifles come assembled, test fired and zeroed for 100 yards. Given correct maintenance, ammunition and shooter's skill, these rifles will deliver consistent SUB-MOA groups out to 1000 yards. Note: Some calibers require handloaded ammunition for the best accuracy. While attempting to chamber all

calibers for a factory load, handloads will always perform the best. The .308 and .223

are the only exceptions to this rule.


Chandler Sniper Rifles are warranted for life with the following exceptions:

--Damages caused by line of duty or neglect

--Weapons/parts found unserviceable due to extended service life (i.e., barrels, finish, bedding, etc.)

Considering the above exceptions, Iron Brigade Armory will repair all original weapons at current actual cost. Unauthorized work performed on IBA Rifles may void the warranty.

Administrative Notes

12 month delivery schedule plus or minus (Spec's will determine)

$1500.00 non-refundable deposit required at time of order

FFL required for out of state shipment

NC State tax (7%) for in-state sales

SSN and state driver's license number required with order

Shipping/Insurance and Export fees additional

No prices are locked in (This insures that you receive the current spec)

Ordering Information:

M40-001 Chandler Sniper M40A2 Super Grade Rifle $5295.00

Includes McMillan A1 Stock (USMC Camo)

Leupold MK4 LR/T 3.5-10 X 40MM W/ Mildot

All collateral equipment

Customer Provided Component Pricing

Customer Provided Receiver* $4650.00

Customer Provided Scope* $4795.00

Customer Provided Receiver and Scope* $4150.00

* Provided components must be serviceable. The scope must be acceptable, such as a Leupold or Nightforce Tactical Variant.

M40-USM Chandler Sniper Urban Model $5950.00

New McMillan Urban Sniper A1 with adjustable cheekpiece

Leupold M1 LR 3.5x10x40mm W/Mildot

Fluted & Threaded Barrel (20”)

Black or OD Green Manowar Finish

All collateral equipment

To further enhance the Chandler Sniper M40 Family of Sniper Rifles, a number of options and accessories are offered:

Option M40-US McMillan Urban Sniper Stock (TMP) $235.00

The new A1 with a built in adjustable cheekpiece. Upgrade to adjustable spacer pad system for $65.00.

Option M40-A2 McMillan A2 Stock $175.00

Replace the standard A1 stock with the A2 stock

Option M40-A3 McMillan A3 Stock $225.00

Replace the standard A1 stock with the adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek piece.

Option M40-A4 McMillan A4 Stock $375.00

Replace the standard A1 stock with the A4 version.

Option M40-A5 McMillan A5 Stock $375.00

Replace the standard A1 stock with the A5 version.

Option M40-PIC IBA Clip Slotted Picatinny Rail $200.00

W/ Badger Ordnance or Nightforce Heavy Duty Scope Rings (Compatible with night vision optics)

Option BTP-53668 Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T Illuminated 3.5x10x40 $150.00

Upgrade to the Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T Illuminated 3.5-10x40

New Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) available for an additional $50.00

Option BTP-54560 Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T 4.5-14x50 Upgrade $75.00

Upgrade to the Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T 4.5-14x50

New Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) available for an additional $50.00

Option BTP-56070 Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T Illuminated 4.5-14x50 $200.00

Upgrade to the Leupold MK 4 M1 LR/T Illuminated 4.5-14x50

New Tactical Milling Reticle (TMR) available for an additional $50.00

Option BTP-3515 Nightforce 3.5-15x50mm Illuminated Mildot $450.00

Upgrade to the Nightforce 3.5-15x50 NXS Illuminated Mildot reticle scope. Other Nightforce Reticle options available on request.

Option BTP-5520 Nightforce 5.5-22x50mm Illuminated Mildot $570.00

Upgrade to the Nightforce 5.5-22x50 NXS Illuminated Mildot reticle scope. Other Nightforce Reticle options available on request.

Option M40-HMB Muzzlebreak-Hart $275.00

A Hart muzzle break to reduce recoil. Eliminates the heavy recoil of magnum calibers. Also available with a protective cap for removal of the muzzlebreak if desired ($75.00 additional).

Option M40-HSR Steel Rail for McMillan Stock $150.00

Steel rail imbedded in the for-end of the McMillan stock for handstop or bipod (Actual Handstop is an additional $75.00) (Adapter for

attaching a Harris bipod is an additional $25.00)

Option M40-FLU Fluted Barrel $225.00

Must be performed at time of barreling

Option M40-THR Threaded Barrel $200.00

Threaded for a suppressor @ 5/8-24 spec, thread protector and combination tool included

Option M40-LAM Long Action and Magnum Calibers $175.00

Upgrade Fee for increased cost of receiver and parts

Option M40-LEFT Left Hand Action $225.00

Upgrade Fee for increased cost of receiver and parts

Option M40-PJ Custom Paint Job $175.00

Camouflage Paint Job, Choose pattern

Other options are available. Please call or email if you have questions, [email protected]

Prices may be adjusted due to our upgrades/design change or product availability. You will be advised upon delivery of the situation. This helps to deliver a current spec rifle instead of an outdated version. "

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No problem! Yea it takes some time to get real good at shooting... practice practice practice!!! And once again... welcome to the Sniper Central Forums!


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Ok, I have to ask. What makes these rifles worth this much - compared with, well, virtually any other true tactical rifle at half the price or less? At $6000 it should bloody well compensate for all human error and score direct hits every time :| $6000? Madness..

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when the prices get to these levels, what you end up paying for is the detail. It takes a lot of man hours to really work on the details. These man hours add up. It certainly isn't the material that costs the extra money, its all in labor.


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Rich fellers are willing to pay a lot more than that for a hunting rifle or a shotgun...I can undersrtand a collectors piece, but to actually bring a $25,000 rifle to go beat up in Africa, shoot a buffalo...and then present to your professional hunter as a gift...Must be nice.

BTW, I finally figured out why they are called Drillings. Took me forever....Drilling, Drei, three barrels...Yeah, I'm a tard.

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Ya that is a bit up there for a 'non-exotic' gun... I wonder if you put this rifle next to a ROBAR SR90 and a SC rife just how MUCH difference you'd see and feel... I think the SR90 is on the edge of the sane price spectrum for me...

On a slightly different topic - I'm thinking of getting a RobArm XCR in a couple months in .223 as a plinker... looks more interesting than an AR15

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I recall the first time I set eyes on a custom made German DR (Double Rifle) that cost more than many folk make in a year.

I thought, that's great, but were is the scope mounts or, if you can't fit a scope, where is the bayonet lug....

But seriously, I can only recommend IBA and the Chandler rifles. I have dealt with them several times and they have sent equipment to the far side of the planet for me.

Pure integrity, excellent service and everything I would expect from a bunch of gentlefolk I would describe as 'Always Faithful'.

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I only just noticed that mate. Jeezus!!!!!

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Kiwi said:
Hey guys, this thread was from way back in 2005.
I guess Mx3209212 took "use the search feature" comments seriously, you can't fault him for that :lol:

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Actually, its amazing to even see That Col. Chandler's (Iron Brigade Armory) Sniper Rifle is even mentioned on a civilian web site. But its far more than the durability and precision, because of "Who" and "Why" the rifle was built . its more actually and respectfully said "Col. Chandler's Sniper Rifle". Considering that The Honorable Marine Corps Col. Sniper wrote 5 books on the subject of sniping (Death From Afar) and not only built the best rifles of that time period/day, He actually trained tier 1 operators at the Black Water facility to take these military grade platforms"Chandler Rifles" (which he built from 700 Rem base.) out to their respected theaters. Those of us who bought the rare Col. Chandler Rifles knew that we could trust our lives on them because of the Colonel's Honor and Reputation and because of the combat durability and accuracy of the Chandler Rifles. We were not taking the rifles to a competition range but rather to save lives out in real combat zones. The Rifles did not come off of some civilian assembly line but rather were hand crafted by a real sniper (Col. Chandler) to impeccable standards of the marine corps then was added a real snipers touch to it. So after the training at black water I took one of his rifles to the OIF Theater. There may be more accurate rifles out there by now,... and I don't give a damn , all I know is I am thankful for Colonel Chandler's training and His rifle that he imparted to me. saved my life. Its a military Honor thing, to which the "expert"civilians may never know or understand, mainly because steel targets don't shoot back.
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