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Cheap tack driver

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My dad owns an H&R break action .223 with a Tasco scope on Tasco rings. Entire setup- about $225 (he bought it at a gun show). It will shoot 1MOA consistently and sometimes better with 67 gr. reloads. Who says you have to break the bank to get 1MOA?
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I would like to add, howeveer, that this gun is probably as optimized as it can get. To cut the MOA in half consistently (the difference between a "target" and a "hunting" rifle) will take considerably more, which is why I'm looking at the SC1.
Funny you mention it. I actually have one of these also, an H&R ultra varminter in .223. And you are right, they will shoot about 1 MOA. The triggers are crude (actually has a falling hammer....) and the break action is a pain to operate while in the prone. I initially purchased it in hopes of using it as a cheap practice rifle... but the operation of it was not condusive to training, you need practice operating the bolt.. and that trigger.... so now it sits, waiting for one of my children to get old enough to use it.

It would make a good, cheap varmint rifle.

I assume that one would use that break-action .223 as a varmint rifle. While 1 MOA is perfect for big game hunting, it would probably be prefferable to acquire a bit proposition I would suggest a T/C (to maintain the single-shot break open design) or graduate on over to a Savage. Although it would also probably help shrink group size if you invested a bit more into your glass. Tasco certainly isn't an option for precision. (unless you spend more than twice the entire setups cost and get that Super Sniper fixed-power scope. I hear they are really pretty nice, once you get past the brand name. Personally I'd prefer a Leupold)
Oops- it looks like some of that got cut off. I meant to say a bit more sub-MOA accuracy. For that proposition i would suggest...
I was looking at the savage model 40's the other day and wondering how acturate they were in .223. I am looking for a cheap acurate gun to go shoot.
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